Xbox One Vs Xbox One S; Which One Is The Best?

Are you a fan of playing computer games? Have you ever considered buying any gaming console? Do you know the difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S? these are just but a few challenges that affect many gamers especially when they want to buy the best gaming console. We all know that Xbox one was there before Xbox One S and one should expect something better from Xbox One S. when you consider the storage, games, display, design and performance of these gaming consoles, you will find it easier to make the right choice when buying a game console. This article majorly focuses on the comparison of the two consoles.

What is Similar Between Xbox one & Xbox One S

What you need to understand I that Xbox One S is an improvement of Xbox one. So, there is still some feature that you would expect them to share. These features ensure that the consoles do not lose their initial task. The similarities mostly come from how they are connected, the number of ports they have and how they playback media.

If you are just to play the game, you will discover that you need more than just USB ports, things like ethernet among others may prove to be very useful to you. having analyzed these two consoles, they are both designed with 3 USB 3.0 connectors. One USB is positioned in the front while the other two are at the back. You will also find them both having 2 HDMI ports at the back in which one is 1.4b in and the other is 2.0b out.

To enable you to connect your console to the internet, you will make use of ethernet port. There is also S/PDIF audio to enhance your sound quality. They all have IR output as well. When c considering display, you will realize that both of them can be used for 4K HDR TV to display high-quality pictures. This is made possible by HDR 10 standard. UHD Blue ray disc drive is also available in both.

For those who love home theatres, you won’t be disappointed because the audio uses Dolby Digital 5.1. this gives you all the sound of the shooting guns as you fight your enemy in the virtual world. If you were to play some games, these consoles will also be able to support HDR. Those are the major similarities you should expect from Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Pros & Cons

Xbox One

xbox one


  • Offers long battery life when using your game controllers
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Takes a short time to set up and require no experience
  • Can be controlled using voice commands
  • Can be connected to a TV, Xbox 360 or cable box
  • The quality of graphics is amazing
  • Has high performance and do not lag


  • It’s very expensive and uses a lot of data bundles
  • It cannot be used to play 360 games
  • Sometimes you may need to sign more than ones in some games
  • Kinect may not execute your commands

Xbox One S



  • Has internal power supply making is smaller
  • Support 4K UHD blue ray and compatible with HDR
  • It can upgrade HD videos to 4K
  • Provides new wireless game controller feature


  • The faulty fun makes a lot of noise
  • Lack of power can interrupt your gaming session
  • No Kinect sensor port meaning you can’t use Kinect without the USB adapter

Storage & Price

There are a lot more than you can do when you have enough storage on your gaming console. Larger storage means you can be able to install more games without affecting your initial ones. It will also ensure you console keeps records of every game you play and retain your user data. However, you will have to spend on these gaming console to get a good one.

Xbox One has a price tag of $249. Recommended Xbox One Accessories that comes with this price includes HDMI cable, power cable, wireless controller, quick start guide, power brick, 2 AA batteries and chat headset. Xbox One storage has a space of 500GB; however, you can expand it using 1TB HDD. When it comes to Xbox One S, you may spend from $299. This gives you a storage of 500GB and 1TB HDD. There is also a 2TB limited-edition hard disk drive.

Additional Features to Look Out

There are a lot more to focus on when you want to buy either Xbox One or Xbox One S. the initial devices were using Kinect for voice control. This was discontinued and they no longer have this option. However, you can look for the Kinect USB adapter to get the work done. But if you are not interested in using the Kinect, then you can use Amazon-Echo voice speaker. This will make it easy for you to control your machine using the voice command.

Another important feature to look out for is frame rates. To avoid the interruption of video and images. You will need to look out for one with either 30 or 60 frame rates per seconds. It’s worth to note that Xbox One S does not support 4K. having 4k HDR TV will allow you to stream your videos on Netflix and Amazon.

The processor is also an important feature to look out for. Xbox one uses 8Core jaguar-CPU rated at 2.3GHz. on the other hand, Xbox One S uses an integrated 8Core Jaguar CPU rated at 1.75GHz. Xbox One has IR blaster which allow you to switch your AV peripherals using one remote.  Top rated Xbox One Accessories includes Razer Kraken Pro V2, Xbox One Elite Controller, Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel among others.

Bottom Line

Playing games is just more than fun especially if you have the right console. As much as Xbox one has been there before Xbox one S, you will find it interesting to play your games using Xbox One S. the kind of features it has to make it the best choice for so many people out there. Its performance is high and you will never have anything to regret. Let your family enjoy, it’s their time and they will thank you for that.

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