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What is CBD Oil and How Can You Use It?



Finding an alternative source of medicine can greatly influence your wellness. Over the years, the popularity of CBD has massively soared. But what is CBD oil exactly? Can you give it to your pets? What are some of its benefits? Well, you can find more about all these questions from our review below. 

History of CBD Oil

What is CBD Oil, and when did humans start using it? CBD is one of the most used sources of alternative medicine. A lot of people have been wondering what is CBD and how it came about. The truth is that CBD has been in use for centuries. The first recorded edition of CBD and the cannabis plant date back to 2700 BC. This was when it was used by the Chinese emperor as a topical ointment and with teas. 

As human civilization progressed around the world, then its use also progressed. By A.D. 77, the Romans began to extensively use the hemp plant for its healing properties. Its spread reached India, and by the 16th century, the Europeans were using it.  

By the time humanity crossed to the 18th century, cannabis and its extracts were being used in America and most parts of the world. The presence of the industrial age led to more research studies. It was clear the cannabis compound could help manage the symptoms of tetanus, rheumatic diseases, and cholera, among others.  

In the 20th and 21st centuries, CBD began to use in more proportions worldwide. Its currently said to be effective for managing the symptoms of a wide range of diseases. Even though CBD isn’t a cure, it does a great job in promoting wellness. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most popular compounds from the cannabis plant. CBD usually interacts with the endocannabinoid system, leading to improved homeostasis. It should be noted that the endocannabinoid system consists of cannabinoids that naturally occur in the body. So, when you take CBD, they usually enhance the natural effectiveness of the cannabinoid receptors in the body. 

CBD has lots of natural properties. They normally include anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, and neuroprotectant properties. All of this helps to nourish the body, and CBD improves various aspects of wellness.  

CBD for medicinal use usually comes from the hemp plant. This is because such extracts usually contain high cannabidiol content compared to THC. This has led many people to wonder if there’s actually a difference between CBD oil vs hemp oil. 

But the only difference between these two products is the type of hemp extracts used. Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. On the other hand, Cannabidiol oil comes from flowers, stalks, and hemp plant leaves. It’s for this reason that you will find some products are known as CBD hemp oil. 

Types of CBD Oil

The organic compounds from hemp plant extracts help to determine the type of CBD. Some products only contain CBD. On the other hand, there are product extracts that contain other cannabinoids as well. There are three main types of CBD products, and they include: 

What is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

It’s a CBD –rich extract that’s ideal for treating and managing symptoms of a wide range of conditions. Full-spectrum CBD contains a wide range of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN, among others. Full-spectrum CBD contains the psychoactive compound THC that helps to enhance its synergistic effects. Additionallyit’s rich in flavonoids and terpenes. 

What is Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil?

It’s one of the most commonly used types of CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD oil resembles full-spectrum CBD oil in its functionality. But even though it produces an entourage effect, it doesn’t contain psychoactive THC content. 

What is CBD Isolate?

This is a type of CBD product that contains almost 99% of pure CBD Oil. It should be noted that this pure CBD usually exists at room temperature in the form of solid crystals. Generally, purified cannabinoids are usually odorless and colorless. 

What is CBD-Rich Oil/ Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR)? 

This is a term that generally describes CBD hemp oil products that have simply undergone some form of initial distillation and filtration. This is done to remove unwanted compounds such as waxes and chlorophyll. This consequentially leads to the production of products with higher CBD concentration. The best CBD oils in the market are usually PCR. 

What Is CBD-Infused Oil?

This is just a product that contains CBD. It could be a pure CBD isolate product or broad- or full-spectrum CBD. So, when looking for CBD Oil for sale, make sure that you properly check the product label. 

CBD Oil with cannabidiol leaves

A-List of CBD Oil Products

CBD is a highly versatile organic compound. Not only does it come in multiple types, but it also exists in several forms. This means that it also has several modes of delivery depending on the type of the product. Commonly found CBD products in the market include: 

CBD Tinctures

They are the most popular types of CBD products. You conveniently buy CBD Oil anywhere nowadays. The products are usually designed for sublingual or oral intake. Besides that, some use it ducally by placing the tinctures against the cheeks. 

CBD tinctures for oral intake usually have a bioavailability rate of 4% to 20%. Well, studies show that this bioavailability rate is quite low. 

CBD Gummies

Well, these are usually sweet edibles that are also designed for oral intake. CBD gummies are just normal gummy bears that have been laced with CBD. They are chewable; hence they usually have several modes of delivery. It could be sublingually, buccally, and of course, most of it would end in the digestive tract. They are ideal for managing sleep and anxiety. 

CBD Vape Oil

Initiallyvaping started out as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. Currently, it’s one of the most used modes of delivery, especially for those who want to discreetly take CBD. It’s also ideal for those who want instant benefits of CBDThis is because the vapor usually enters into the bloodstream via the lungs directly. Cannabidiol vape oil has a higher bioavailability of 34% to 46%.

CBD Topicals

They are topical products that are infused with CBD. They normally include creams, balms, CBD salve, and lotions. Generally, CBD topicals are known for their localized effects. They strategically work on a specific body part, leading to a localized effect.

Note: Other products include CBD oil capsules, CBD tea, etc.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Once you understand what CBD oil is, it becomes clear that this is a compound with many health benefits. You can use it as a remedy to treat physical health problems. Besides that, you can use CBD hemp oil to manage mental health complications. 

CBD Oil for Pain

This is one of the most common hemp oil benefitsIt’s possible for people dealing with pain to effectively use CBD for acute and chronic pain. Its effectiveness is based on the fact that this compound is non-habit-forming. CBD works with the body’s receptors and the immune system. This creates an all-natural response that leads to pain-relieving effects.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD Hemp oil is highly effective in managing the symptoms of anxiety. A research study done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicates that CBD can effectively deal withgeneralized anxiety disorder. Well, the study subjects, in this case, shows that it helps to lower the symptoms of behavioral signs of anxiety, including reducing heart palpitations.

CBD Oil for Sleep

At the moment, research studies indicate that CBD can help improve sleep patterns. That’s why many people are now using it to manage the symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disorders. When it comes to improving sleep patterns, evidence suggests that the compound can help deal with underlying health issues that lead to sleep issues. As a result, a lot of people end up with better sleep patterns.

Cannabidiol Oil For Migraines

A combination of THC-CBD can be highly effective in reducing migraines by more than 40%. The fact that CBD helps deal with chronic pain and inflammation makes it effective in dealing with migraines. Many reviews from migraines indicate that it also helps to shorten the period of attacks. However, there is still the need for research studies to establish how CBD works in this case.

CBD Oil for Acne

One of CBD Oil benefits is based on its antioxidant properties. It’s typically effective in soothing the skin and restoring it. As a result, it is ideal for use to treat inflamed and irritated skin. That’s why it helps ease the inflammatory cascade of acne. 

Possible Side Effects

Even though CBD hemp oil has lots of benefits, it doesn’t work for everyone. Cannabidiol Oil effects tend to vary from one user to the next. This is because we have different immune systems. Hence, we react to similar substances differently. Some of the side effects of CBD oil include: 

  • Dry mouth 
  • Fatigue 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Reduced appetite 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Irritability 
  • Reduced blood pressure 

Note: Apart from that, it’s possible for CBD hemp oil to interact with certain medications, especially if you are taking blood thinners. In case you have underlying health issues, then you should first consult your doctor before using CBD oil products. 

Does CBD Oil Get You High?

Does CBD Oil get you high? What happens if You take a drug test? Well, these are some of the questions that CBD enthusiasts have to deal with. Well, you can enjoy the CBD hemp oil benefits without worrying that it will make you high  

CBD isn’t psychoactive. It doesn’t have the mind-altering properties of THC. So, if you are worried about getting high, this is something that will definitely not happen. 

Can CBD Oil Be Used for Pets?

CBD Oil uses are quite diverse. And this is obviously why this alternative source of medicine thrives. You can CBD oil for sale and give it to your dog. It should be noted that numerous brands sell cannabidiol oil for dogs and cats. 

The effectiveness of CBD in dogs in pets is based on the fact that they also have the endocannabinoid system. This means that CBD can efficiently help to regulate homeostasis in their bodies. For instance, CBD oil for dogs can be effective in treating seizures, arthritis, skin issues, etc. 

How Long Does CBD Take to Take Effect?

Well, many factors determine the onset of CBD’s effectiveness. Regardless of the Cannabidiol Oil dosage you take, it’s the mode of delivery that significantly determines how long it’ll take for the effects to kickstart.  

Oral consumption is ideal for dealing with chronic pain. However, its effects usually start to kick in after one hour. Additionally, it might take up to 6 hours before these effects can finally peak. When we look at CBD vape oil or tinctures, their effects take a few minutes to kickstart. However, they also wear out quickly. Apart from that, other factors that may influence the onset effects of CBD include: 

  • Quality of CBD: The effects of pure CBD oil are likely to kickstart earlier than those CBD products with contaminants and impurities. 
  • Weight of the user: Those who have more fat cells are more likely to absorb and store more CBD than those with less fat cells. 

Final Thought

CBD hemp oil has increasingly become very popular among the population. It now has more users than before, and this number is expected to grow massively. Well, this is because the organic compound has lots of medicinal benefits. You can use it to treat pain, anxiety, migraines, and arthritis, among other things. 

It should be noted that Cannabidiol oil products aren’t psychoactive properties. So, using such products will certainly not alter the way your mind functions. Howeverit’s always good that you consult your doctor first before using CBD products.

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