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Weight Loss Shakes: Losing Weight Supplements

Dieting and working out is not everyone’s cup of coffee. It’s a hard task and almost a mission impossible. Fortunately, several ways are used to shed off extra calories in the body. One of the conventional approaches is the consumption of weight loss shakes. These types of supplements come in different flavors and powdered form. The shakes substitute the daily meals, which are part of the weight loss program.

The diet shakes have become quite popular since they can be consumed anywhere, even at the comfort of your home. It’s important to know that these supplements provide the body with nutrients that one would have gotten from a regular meal. The question is, how do these weight loss shakes work?

Weight Loss Shakes; How They Work

The effectiveness of diet shakes depend on the brand one consumes. To some, however, they are beneficial and can make you lose some weight. That, unfortunately, does not apply to everyone. Some shakes are usually misused, making them less effective.

Moreover, if you want to lose some pounds with the help of these meal replacements, you will require some tonnes of commitment and some exercises. The diet shakes contain proteins, fibers, vitamins, and a minimal amount of calories. Your body can get the nutrients it requires yet at the same time, reducing the number of calories. The fibers ensure that your digestion system does not tamper as far as egestion is concerned.

As you start your day, ensure that you take a well-balanced diet breakfast, substitute your lunch and dinner with the meal replacements. However, to get better results from the shakes, try making your supplement while managing your calorie count. Let’s take a look at a sample of a simple weight loss shakes recipe;

a. Recipe 1: Five-Ingredient Go-to Green Smoothie.


  • Banana
  • Avocado
  • Spinach
  • 2 Cups of unsweetened almond milk
  • Protein powder
  • 1/2 Cup of Ice
  • Two scoops protein powder.


  • Put all the ingredients inside a blender.
  • Blend until the mixture becomes smooth
  • Serve in a glass or mug.

Weight Loss Shake

b. Recipe 2: Summer Berry Smoothie.


  • One cup of plain Greek yogurt.
  • One tablespoon of vanilla extract.
  • 1/2 cup of ice.
  • One tablespoon of ground chia seeds
  • A cup of frozen organic berries.


  • Put all the ingredients inside a blender.
  • Blend till the mixture smoothens.
  • Serve to enjoy.

Can Weight Loss Shakes Help You Lose Weight?

As stated earlier, your commitments matter together with the brand of shake you are using. First and foremost, weight loss shakes can suppress cravings. During cravings, the temptation of grabbing a snack is at times irresistible. Some snacks contain a high amount of fats, thus adding up to the number of calories in the body.

Secondly, losing weight means reducing the number of calories in the body. The shakes contain the needed types of nutrients with fewer calories. The agency gets nutrients at the same time, cutting off excess calories.

Moreover, a study conducted in 2018, proved that more people consuming weight loss shakes lose more weight than drinking a meal with the same amount of calories. According to Jenn Lavardera, weight loss shakes are very beneficial for short term weight loss program.

The meal supplements can also be consumed to sustain your weight for an extended period. All you need to do is to destroy the product every day. However, for better results, one should refrain from consuming junk foods. Consumption of foods rich in calories is equal to increasing the already high amount of fats in the body.

Benefits Of Weight Loss Shakes.

Apart from minimizing the number of fats in the body, the supplements have other benefits that are essential to the body. They include:

Improve Digestion: No one is unfamiliar with the troubles of constipation. If you are worried that the shakes may tamper with your digestion, worry not. These supplements are also rich in fiber which aid in digestion and at the same time combats constipation.

Decreases Food Cravings: If you have cravings issues, weight loss shakes are the perfect weapon to suppress that. Consumption of shakes not only have the power to minimize your desire for sweets and snacks, but they also can leave you full for a couple of hours, thus eliminating hunger.


There are several types of best weight loss shakes such as Orgain Organic Nutritional Shakes, others which are considered to be the latest best weight loss shakes in the market; a good example is Isaean Shake. Remember, it’s essential also to integrate the supplements with some bit of workouts. Some of these shakes are very effective, but their effect is slowed down due to the endless consumption of junk food.

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