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How The US Election 2020 Shaping Up: Know The Contenders



US Election

Is it the incumbent president Donald Trump or the not so new Joe Biden who will lead America in the next four years? The US final election is just a few weeks away, and American citizens will decide in November who will lead them.

But with the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump’s stance about mail voting, and the ongoing black lives matter, there has been a lot of things going on, making this election unique in its own way. But how do Americans vote for a new president? What are the candidate requirements? Well, you can find out more about this below.

How to Become the President of the US?

The US election is something that usually captures the world’s attention. That’s why the presidential election process is comprehensive. Here is a brief overview of how to become the United States president and the nomination and confirmation process.

Constitution Requirements

  • You must be a natural-born US citizen
  • Have a minimum age of 35 years
  • Should have been a US resident for at least 14 years

Step 1: Primaries and Caucuses

It involves multiple candidates, and each has their own idea about how the government should work. It should look after that people with similar ideas belong to the same political party. All candidates from the same political party have to campaign throughout the country in order to win the favor of their party members.

Step 2: National Conventions

This is the second step, and the candidates need to still campaign throughout the country to win the general public’s support. Besides that, the candidates have to select their running mates. Thereafter, the party will have to hold a national convention in order to choose their final presidential nominee.

Step 3: General Elections

Every eligible voter is required to vote for their preferred presidential candidate. But this is a unique process because what we actually call the presidential votes involves voting for a group of people called electors.

Step 4: The Electoral College

Each state gets a certain number of electors based on congress representation. After the general elections, each elector has to cast a vote, and the presidential candidate who gets 270 votes (more than half) wins the US election.

How Does Voting Work?

The US election normally involves two main parties; the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. In some instances, a 3rd party candidate may decide to enter the race. However, they rarely get massive traction, and hence their impact on the elections is quite small.

The party candidates are usually formally selected, and they there are announced during the summer conventions. Unlike most countries, why the larger population determines the winner, the US election doesn’t involve a direct popular vote. This would simply mean that the most populous states would eventually decide who the winner is.

Note: There is a big resemblance between voting in the US work and how the pope is chosen. Both rely on a college of electorates to choose the winner because they are informed by individuals who don’t have loyalties.  When Americans vote in November, technically, they are voting for the electors.

US Election 2020

Who’s Running for President in 2020?

There are two people running for the presidential seat.

Donald Trump  Republican

Has the current president of the United States. Trump is seeking reelection after winning in 2016. His presidency has been tumultuous with the Russian investigation, impeachment, coronavirus pandemic, and racial prejudice dominating the spotlight. His approval rate is quite low, but the strong economy can boost his re-election chances.

Joe Bidden – Democrat

Biden, the former VP under the Obama administration, has a good legacy. He has proposed to advance that legacy with the climate crisis, racial bias, and health care. Before he was a VP, he represented Delaware at the senate level for 36 years.

Who is Leading in the National Poll of the US Election?

According to the BBC report, Biden has had a 10-point lead over Trump on most occasions at the national polls. The former VP has a 50% score, while Trump has 43%.  As per the CNN polls in late September 2020, Joe Biden has a 51% approval while the incumbent Donald Trump has a 44% approval.  Data collected by Quinnipiac University indicates that Biden still leads Trump at a 52-42% score.

Whats the Date of the 2020 US Election, and Can Trump Postpone it?

The 2020 US election is on November 3, and the nation will either retain Donald Trump or usher in Joe Biden as the new president. But Donald Trump has severely floated the idea of delaying the elections. According to him, the use of postal ballots could lead to rigged elections. Trump further stated that mail-in voting is open fraud.

The idea of if the current president can postpone the election is open and possible. There is no specific election date as per the American constitution when the election should be held. However, those who have the power to conduct this change are in Congress. In this case, it will be highly unlikely as the Democrats make the majority in one chamber and so it’s highly unlikely that an election delay will be possible.

How Has Coronavirus Affected US Election Campaign Cycle?

Campaigns are political conventions. They are usually considered staples for all campaigns, and with the coronavirus epidemic, there is a whole new level of uncertainty. For instance, Kamala Harris and Joe didn’t go to Wisconsin to accept the Democratic presidential nomination to coronavirus issues. Generally, the parties have not been able to get the maximum exposure they would love to have with the public because most things are now done virtually.

Democrat candidates also went ahead to deliver their national convention speeches to an empty convention hall with large zoom screens taking over. However, this has been the reality of most candidates since March since the SARS-CoV-2 virus became a global problem.

There is nothing as difficult as having to elevate your political profile during a lockdown that’s coupled with an economic downturn and curfews. This forced many of the candidates to focus on online meetings, and they had to invest in various online tools.

However, the virus has also bought several things into effect.  For instance, the second quarter of the election year usually involves courting for donors, mostly in-person events. But with the lockdown and minimal human interactions, candidates had to use digital systems for grassroots fundraising.

The best thing is that the Democrats had the ActBlue platform that was launch in 2004. So, they simply tweaked it to provide better access to all the party candidates. Republicans had launched theirs in 2014.

Final Thought

The 2020 US election is one of the most unique. Many have changed with the coronavirus pandemic’s presence in how meetings are done and speeches are delivered. President Trump is seeking reelection even though national polls show that he is trailing. Former VP Biden is seeking to continue his legacy and, in most cases, has taken a 10-point lead over Trump. With the elections a few weeks away, let’s see who will win.

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