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Xbox One Accessories You Shouldn’t Miss



Xbox One Accessories

In the past, people believed that games were only meant for children to keep them calm when their parents were away. What we see today contrasts with everything people used to believe in as far as gaming was concerned. PC gaming now plays more roles rather than just entertainment. It helps to educate people. Imagine when you start driving your Euro Truck? Because you are already gaining some skills that can help you when you want to drive a vehicle in a real-life situation.  When comparing Xbox one vs Xbox One S, you will discover that they both play the same role, and that is why you will need to know must-have accessories for Xbox. 

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller 

If you have been still worried and don’t know the right Game Controller for both Xbox One and Xbox One S, then Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller should be your next target. This control has high pro features that will make you enjoy your gaming session.

Xbox One Accessories: xbox elite controller

It is made up of a rubberized grip that ensures the controller is firmly held in your hand and you can make any move without difficulties. Its hair-trigger feature enhances hand-to-control coordination. It’s also had an app that is easy to work with and allows you to keep track of every button you want to deal with. it allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your thumbsticks. When you purchase this controller, you will find it with an interchangeable paddle. Do not forget that this Game Controller is all wireless, and you will not have to fill your playing space with wires.  

Xbox One Accessories: Energizer 2X Smart Charger

If you think you can make it all right again, you should perhaps go for Energizer 2X Smart Charger. This charge is capable of charging two game controllers at a time. This charger is very flexible. It ensures nothing goes wrong; its LED indicator shows you the percentage your battery has acquired and when it’s full. This charger comes with a charging stand and 2 Xbox one battery-packs. Its price is considerable, and it looks very presentable. It’s the best option for any game controller. 

Xbox One Accessories: Adaptive Controller 

If you are to invite any high-tech device to improve your gaming experience, this is your choice. You do not need to be mobile to use this controller. Many people do not feel comfortable with this device because of its price.

Adaptive Controller for Xbox One

However, this Game Controller has features that are worth the price. It has programmable buttons and can be connected to buttons, mounts, joystick, and external switches. This implies that you can use it in various tasks.  

Xbox one Storage (Seagate 2TB/4TB Xbox One Game Drive)

It has been hard for most gamers to install all the games they desire for the past few years. This is normally caused by limited storage on your gaming consoles. You may wish to expand this storage so that you can install more games, but again your warranty may be declared void. Who wants that? No one. So, will you keep sticking to the same games and keep deleting the old ones when you want to install new ones? What if you ever want to play those games again? 

Seagate 2TB4TB Xbox One Game Drive

Take no chance; you can purchase a good hard drive to expand your storage without interfering with your gaming console’s warranty. On the top of the storage list, Seagate 2TB/4TB Xbox One Game Drive seems to be the best of all. It gives you up to 2TB of storage space to expand on your 0.5TB console storage. With 2TB, you will install over 50 games without having to uninstall the other games. With USB 3.0, your games will load faster, and you will enjoy your games. It’s small in size, and you can just keep it in your pocket. 

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel 

It may be difficult for you to feel the joy during your Xbox one when you can’t feel the feedback. As much as some game controllers can provide this feature, one of them has made it. But here comes a technology that will drive many people into racing or driving games. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel, a real steering wheel that makes you feel it when you take corners and moving over the bumps. 

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel

It gives you 900° of motion that allows you to move at every angle you like. Provided you do not lose that race. Every time you use the steering, you will get force feedback that makes you feel like you have already owned a real car. The ped is made up of heavy-duty material to ensure it last for a longer period. You can also adjust the inclination angle of these pedals. If you are going to press it harder, then expect a progressive resistance. Ohh! It’s a real mechanical break; that’s what you will feel. 

Xbox One Media Remote 

Xbox one can play various tasks. Just imagine you streaming all the videos. It can also be used for TV watcher or Blue-ray player. But still, you will discover that some people still use the controllers to perform these tasks, how unfortunate! How about investing in Xbox One Media Remote, which has been equipped with several Computational commands that can’t be handled with the Game Controllers?  

Media Remote 

This remote is very important for any gamer. It has a manageable size that you can perfectly grip in your hand. Every time you press the remote, it will give light feedback. This means that you can use it even at night. It is composed of volume control, among other various commands. This remote is better than the Xbox One Smart Glass and other Game Controllers. 

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