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Summer Vacation Places: Top 7 Places Around the World 



Summer Vacation Places

Summer is around the corner, and people are trying to find the top cities to live in during this summer. We all know that many of us spend too long when it comes to deciding on the destination we want to visit. It’s something normal, and it should not worry you. The truth is that there are so many interesting summer destinations around the world. Making the right choice can be challenging, especially if you don’t have top cities to live in. This article comprises of Top 7 Summer Vacation places around the world that you can always rely on.

Top 7 Summer Vacation Places 

Summer Vacation Place of Switzerland, (Zurich)

There is always something unique for anyone who visits Zurich. The place has a very welcoming temperature during this summer season. You can take advantage of this water, which often maintains an average temperature lower than 70°C.


If you love swimming, you will find it interesting to dip your skin in the bathing spots available in Zurich.  Swiss art will also provide you with enough historical records you may need about Switzerland country. from mid-June to early August, you can entertain yourself at the lakeside sculpture festival.

Oia, Santorini, Summer Vacation Place of Greece 

Ohio village is found on the top of a cliff that gives you a clear view of Nea Kameni, the island of Thirassia, and the Palea volcano. It’s found on Santorini, the best island in Greece. If you need to watch the sunset and capture those beautiful pictures, Oia will be a perfect place for you. The other reasons you would like this place are the beaches’ retained culture of the Greece people, traditional and modern food recipes, and the sunsets.

Oia, Santorini, Greece 

There are lots of activities you can do while in Santorini. You can spend your time have a volcano tour, go for parasailing flights, visit Ammoudi port. If you need accommodation and the best menu found in Greece culture, visits the 5 Star-Hostel Caveland Santorini. You can also descent from the cliff if you feel like doing some exercise and watching the best bell-ringers and churches found in Oia.

San Diego, CA

The main reason why San Diego is the best summer vacation destination in the world is because of the interesting events and tourist attraction sites, which are well spread across the coastal line of san Diego. Because you have to enjoy yourself and see new things during your vacation, san Diego will always be the best summer vacation.  Balboa Park will give you a chance to take a nature walk. On the other hand, you can gather information about the American people preserved in Balboa Park Museums. 

San Diego, CA

You can also watch the summer concerts such as Chula Vista Music, Del Mar Summer Concert Series, Encinitas Sunday Concerts, among others. Places like San Diego Zoo, Olympic Training Center, Seaport Village, Old Town, Gaslamp Quarter will remind you of the beauty contained within this precious city. There is no reason to get bored because all activities like hiking, skating, mountain climbing, kayaking, etc., can be done in San Diego.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi coast, which is approximately 50km, provides a nice space for seeking a summer destination. It will remind you of what nature looks like when taken care of. The place is secure with friendly locals who are always looking forward to interacting with the tourists.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

With dense forests, pestle buildings along the cliff, coastal pics, and picturesque landscape, you will be pleased to see the sunrise. If you are to schedule your visits to Amalfi coastal, let it be between May and September. Do not leave this place before visiting Villa Cimbrone (Ravello), Fiord in Furore, Ravello Cathedral, Amalfi Cathedral, and Museo Della Carta. You can ride through Amalfi drive, go for a hike at the Torre Dello Ziro, see the beaches of Amalfi town, and walk through the Ancient-City of Salerno.

Moraine Lake, Canada

Moraine Lake is found on the interior valley of Ten Peaks. It’s surrounded by ancient rock piles, towering mountains, and waterfalls. Melting of glaciers makes the water in the river to rice and takes on a different color. There are various trails that you can walk through to have a view of the best scenes.

Summer Vacation Place Moraine Lake, Canada

Various people in the area can help you to view the place using canoes or kayaks. If you are a pro, you can slow ride through the lake as you watch this beautiful place. Taking a photo at this place will make your friends at home to be jealous of your adventure.

Dominica, Caribbean

Dominica is the only island in the Caribbean with the best things you would expect when you visit it during your summer vacation. You may think you are heading to a juggle as you fly across the mountain tops towards this island. But the moment you see it’s the only airport which is well designed to accommodate all the incoming visitors, you will be amazed at the cool humidity and nice scent coming from the gum trees around this area.

Summer Vacation Place Caribbean

Activities that can be undertaken in this place include swimming, hiking, mountain climbing, among other activities. It has a waterfall that is almost 200 feet and falls into crystal-clear water that you can swim below it. Hiking in the thick juggles will be your best experience. But when all this is done, you can head to Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski close to Portsmouth to grab some nice dinner or supper. You can also spend your night there and plan for your next journey on the following day.

Cartagena, Colombia

Various direct flights will ensure you are in Cartagena. You must be ready to put up with the heat, but it’s not that much to handle. From New York City, you will only fly for 5 hours. You can visit the seaside and watch the waters and the coastal nature of this place.

 Summer Vacation Place Cartagena, Colombia

There are various hotels and restaurants around the area that offer high-quality services and products. Both meals and accommodations are charged at the best price. There will be no need to spend a lot of money. Try visiting Casa San Agustin, Tcherassi Hotel & Spa, and Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa.

Final Thought on Summer Vacation Places

You must be aware of the top travel Safety Tips every time. You travel to these cities to ensure you do not get conned in a foreign country. When you are equipped with summer vacation ideas, you will pick an appropriate destination where you will find all the activities you can undertake during your summer vacation. But it’s also important to note that these destinations are the safeties summer vacation places in the world. So, take your time and enjoy your vacation.

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