Top 5 Gaming Controllers to Look For

We have to admit that technology has made the world to be a better place and every one of us should embrace this gift of nature. Today we are so proud that entertainment industries have been brought to our home and you can use the best gaming PCs or laptops to play your favorite games while at home. However, you will need to invest in the best Game Accessories for a complete experience gaming session. Among the major game accessories, game controllers should be number one on your list. Many brands are dealing with these game controllers. For this reason, you may consider treading through this article to find out the best game controllers currently available in the market. 

Xbox Elite Controller 

If you love gaming and you would like to spend on a high-quality game controller, then Xbox Elite Controller should be your favorite choice. You do not need wires to control your game for this device can connect to your gaming PC, wireless. It comes with carrying case, 1 set of (6 thumb sticks, 4 paddles and 2 D-pads), AA batteries, USB cables and a product manual.

Xbox elite

You can connect it to your Windows 10 PC using the Hub provided or Xbox wireless adapter. The truth is that as you keep playing for long, you may consider changing your pads.  no need to worry because this game controller allows you to take advantage of its interchangeable paddles. It’s also had a strong rubberized diamond-grip to ensure you do not miss the mark when you want to became the top scorer in F.I.F.A world cup. It doesn’t matter whether you are comparing Xbox One X vs Xbox One S, Xbox Elite Controller will always be compatible with all of them. 

Dual-shock 4 

The predecessor of dual shock had some flows and Sony made a step to correct this problem and make the gaming experience for any player to be a pleasing one. This controller is designed with a longer hand grip to ensure it doesn’t slip away when you are playing. The triggers have been made longer and concave to see to it that they can perfectly feet in your fingers so that you will not have to struggle.

Dual shock 4

There are nothing worries like trying to press the buttons and you discover they don’t seem to work. For this reason, you will realize that this controller has spongy buttons. If you are planning to press face pad, D-pad, shoulder buttons or touch-pad, you will feel it when you will feel it in your fingers after the press. This helps you to avoid making mistakes when or being defeated in the game.

Many people now prefer this controller because of its built-in battery that can last long compared to other batteries. The good thing is that with the build in micro USB, you will be able to change your controller so there is no time you will run out of power. The other fascinating features include the share button and a touch-pad. These features allow one to swipe and touch the inputs to make it easy to control the games. It also o comes with an inbuilt 3.5mm jack that you can use for the headsets or headphones. 

Steam Controller 

Steam controller is the best choice or those who love playing games on their TV without having to rely on the keyboard. It poses dual track-pads that can substitute your mouse and let you enjoy the games. It provides the user with an option of customizing control schemes so that they can be used in any game out there.

steam controller

Its High Definition haptic feedback ensures you feel the vibrations that come from the riffles. As you press the button, you will also get the feedback right in your hand. You will find the steam controller with back-grip buttons, dual-stage triggers, 2 AA batteries and a micro USB port. It can cover a wireless range of 5 meters and its AA batteries can last up to 80 hours.  

Steel-series Stratus XL 

There is no reason why you haven’t bought this game controller. It’s the only controller in the market that take the consumer needs into the next level. Its AA batteries allow you to have 40hours of an uninterrupted gaming session. With the ability to work on windows, android, Virtual Reality and steam, you will never regret having this control in your home. To avoid so many wired connections that can limit your movement, you will make use of the Bluetooth connection feature. it does not take you too long to set it up. It comes with a user manual to let you play your games easily. 

Steel-series Stratus XL 2 

For ease of use and convenience, it has 4 easy-to-read LED’s. This allows you to see that the device is perfectly connected. The control buttons are well designed to see to it that you have everything you need and that you can control every move by pressing the buttons. The clickable joystick makes it even more easy to use. Both the home and shoulder buttons are responsive and you will never miss your hit. It also comes with a hair-trigger to get things done when you can’t control it anymore.  

Razer Wolverine Ultimate 

Razer has been known to be the giant when it comes to gaming controllers. It’s not just about the controllers you use, but you may also consider buying something easy and comfortable to use. As much as the controller feels a little bit heavier on your hand, you will be able to grip it easily. It’s designed with 6 extra programmable buttons. If you have to fight the creepers in the Mine craft game, then you may consider using the right and left trigger/bumper buttons. There are also 2 shoulder buttons for easy control. But still, you will find 4 trigger buttons situated on the underside of your controller.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate 

Synapse Xbox-One app allows you to customize your controller. Both directional pads and quick-swap thumb sticks which are connected by magnets allow you to make the settings even when you are playing.  It is more compatible with Xbox One compared to Xbox One S. 

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