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Top Five Diet Plans For Healthy Living



top five diet plans

Many people have been confusing healthy eating and a healthy diet. If you happen to get all the food and nutrients you need, you may be feeding on healthy food. However, when it comes to eating a healthy diet, you must have a certain goal that you seek to archive at the end of all these. It’s known that with various diet plans that are now available, one can choose any that makes his or her life better. There are advantages and disadvantages to these diet plans. Getting to make the right choice may be influenced by the information you have at hand. We intend to cover the top five diet plans in this content.

Why Diet Matters

There have been discussions that relate to exercise and diet. This means that with a healthy diet and exercise, you are like to archive much. There are various health reasons as to why you will need a good diet. A good diet can enhance the rate of weight loss. It can also help to combat health problems such as hypertension, high blood pressure, heart problems, skin problems, and bone health. A healthy diet can also be a financial relief as you may not end up spending much on packed food which at times are never healthy. With a diet plan, you can set your goal and monitor them as you live a healthy life.

Top Five Diet Plans 

The list of diet plans is endless. You must get to know the top diet plans that have been used by a large number of people across the globe for a common good. These diets have a high review from the users. If you follow all the instructions about the diet plans, you are likely not going to experience any side effects.

1. Intermittent Fasting 

Some people normally have too many pounds to drop before they archive their weight loss goals. This doesn’t mean you have to forego your meals to archive these goals. there may be more dangers than the good you are aiming to get. This is why Intermittent Fasting has been suggested as the best option for people with wreathless problems.

There are various ways through which you can follow this diet. You are expected to eat healthy food for the first 5 days of the week. Thereafter, you will have to fast for the other two days. Through this way, you will be able to reduce calorie intake.  Low calorie in the body help speeds up ketosis. This reduces hypertension and excess weight. When this is combined with exercises, you will have improved health 

2. Dash Diet

DASH is simply a short form of Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The primary goal of this diet plan is to help people victims of hypertension manage their conditions without worsening it. it was designed by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to help in the management of high blood pressure. Users of this diet are advised to stick only to vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy, fruits and whole grains. The diet should be free from saturated fats, sweets, sugary beverages and full-fat dairy. The amount of salt consumed should be mi minimized. The DASH diet can impact positively on your health. Depression, anxiety obesity and high blood pressure are among the conditions that can be managed while following this diet.

3. The Keto Diet

This is the top diet for those who have a plan on losing weight. It mainly suggests that one needs to focus mostly on fats and reduce the number of carbohydrates and protein they take. Taking packed food should also be avoided to ensure one controls the number of fats they take. Fat should be about 70%, protein 20%, and carbs 10%.  When you limit the number of carbohydrates in your body, your system will shift into a process known as ketosis. This process involves the formation of ketones from the liver. Ketones will act as the major source of energy to your body. There will be no fat deposit in the body. Those that had been stored will be burned. Within 2 to 3 weeks of your diet, you will notice changes in your weight.

low carb food plate

4. Flexitarian diet

Do not get confused by the term Flexitarian. It’s a combination of Flexible and vegetarian. This diet is quite flexible and many people have found it appealing because of the benefits it offers. As much as you would wish to be a vegetarian, you need to understand that there are times when you need meat. Flexitarian diet is built upon 5 major foods: fruits, vegetables, dairy, sugar, “new meat” and spices. New meat entails beans, lentils, nuts, peas, seeds, eggs and tofu. The diet also allows users to eat meat occasionally. It’s a good solution if you are after a long-term weight loss diet. Flexitarian diet provides the body with enough nutrients which means it will promote cardio health and immunity.

5. Low Carb Diet

There is a big difference when it comes to a low carb diet and a keto diet. There is always confusion between these two diets. With a low carb diet, you will be limiting the number of carbohydrates you consume. This diet ensures you get to the process of ketosis where stored fats can be transformed into ketones to form an alternative source of energy. This action increases the process of weight loss. The food category that is accepted in low carb diet includes Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Low carb fruits, Seeds and Nuts, High-fat dairy, and Oils and fats. The diet can also help to reduce hypertension as food low in carbs will help to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet.


These diet plans have been tested and are proven to be healthy. There may be a varying review about these diet plans on the internet. That’s why it’s important to read carefully and get enough information about these diets. As you pick your favourite, be sure that it will solve your problems.

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