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Top 6 Cities in the world To Visit 2019



Top 6 cities

You may have a desire to know some of the best cities in the world and what makes them superior. Here is detailed information about the Top 6 Cities in the world 2019. If you may consider visiting any of them, then you shall also get information on the activities you can do when you are these cities. It’s also recommended knowing about the travel safety tips every time you will be travelling to your preferred destination for summer vacation.

Top 6 Cities to travel 

Paris, France

Paris is the best city in the world. This because of its high level of technology that takes control of most of the activities that take place within the city. the internet of things has advanced the transport sector. This implies that if you are to visit Paris, then you should be expecting the use of electric vehicles. This ensures that both locals and visitors don’t spend too much time on traffic. Paris launched one of the biggest projects known as Grand Paris Express. This project has improved transport in the Paris metropolitan area. The is a good airport that connects Paris and other cities.

Top 6 cities paris

To get the best out of Paris, you can consider visiting The Eiffel Tower which is 325 meters high. To get more out of the history of France, the Louvre Museum is the only place where you will get these records. There are lots that you can learn from this museum. Notre-Dame-de-Paris and Sacré-Coeur have been standing for long. It’s a perfect religious sanctuary. Les Grands Magazines is a very powerful shopping centre that you would get every product from many brands across Europe.

Shēnzhèn, China

Considering the metropolitan cities in China, Shēnzhèn has just grown beyond imagination. Just from the remains of warehouses, it has now become a hotbed of powerful technology. Most of the technology companies from china are established in this city. there are very powerful cafes that ensure visitors are welcomed with both local and intercontinental menus.

Top 6 cities Shēnzhèn, China

There are various activities that you can do when you visit this city. to get started, Meridian View Centre, allows you to view the Hong Kong- Shēnzhèn border. this centre is situated in one this centre is found on the 69th floor of Diwang Mansion; a 384 meters high building. mountain climbing is one of the activities you can also enjoy when you go to Nanshan mountains. Shenzhen Museum is loaded with the history of the ancient and present people of Shenzhen. You can pay a visit to this place and get to know about the history of this city.

London, UK

Have you ever asked yourself why London has hosted 3 world cups? Well, it’s because of its best infrastructure, social amenities and the safest city in the world. When it hosted the 2012 world cup, you would be amazed to see the beautiful stadiums being displayed on the television. That’s it just but a taste of what if found in London. Britain is great because of its London contribution.

Top 6 cities London, UK

A high percentage of Britain history is recorded in London.  When you dreaming of technology, just walk into London and you will discover you are dreaming the reality, I would call it the Silicon Valley in Europe.  Look at buildings such as Buckingham Palace, the Victoria Memorial, St James’ Palace and Wellington Arch, they all make London a great city.  Those who like live performance find it interesting to be in Almeida, just in the former Islington train station. All the delicious menu can be found in London.

New York, USA

There is nothing you will never fail to find in New York City. locals have been proud of this city because of its diversity. Entertainments, innovation, technology, history and arts are among the things you are likely to find in NYC. About 7000 technology firms are operating in this city. getting a free and secure Wi-Fi (LinkNYC) is what the city will offer you. it’s also a good idea to adopt the Travel Safety Tips every time you are travelling to NYC.

Top 6 cities New York, USA

Fifth Avenue is one of the most expensive streets that have shops specializing in any product you would need. You can spend your time shopping or doing window shopping there.  If you prefer spending time looking at what nature has given us, you can visit Central Park. There are lots of things to do here. its 6 miles road allow you to conduct activist such jogging, cycling and skating. Other places you need to visit include September 11 Memorial, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.


For many Americans, the return of direct flight from New York to Singapore has just made Singapore great again.  Singapore is developing very fast and every time you would see hotels, emerging. This means that this Asian city is well concerned with the accommodation and meals people use.

Top 6 cities Singapore

Various art scenes are emerging in Singapore which means many people will have something to look at.  For those tourists who enjoy swimming, Marina Bay Sands provides the best pool in the world where you can swim without limitation.  Both infrastructures, security and transport systems are advanced. This makes Singapore a city tan many would like to be associated with.

Tokyo, Japan

Since 1869, Tokyo has been among the best places for summer vacation in Japan. It’s also one of the major Japan 47 prefectures.  In 2018 it was ranked as the highly populated metropolitan cities in the entire world. Most neon-light skyscrapers are found in Tokyo.

Top 6 cities Tokyo, Japan

The reason why it is regarded as one of the best cities in the world is because of the low level of the crime rate. Visitors and locals feel safe while walking on the streets at night. The transport system is son advanced that you would not need to wait for a train, car or aeroplane for a long time. The modern technology is taking control of Tokyo and most of the things are computerized. Food and accommodation can be obtained easily from restaurants such as Kikanbo, Bar Ben Fiddich. The whole city is very clean and singing litters around the street would be next to impossible unless you check on the litre bins that are carefully placed along the streets.


Considering our list, you will discover that these places have developed due to their level of economy and technology. Some have hold records of the best activities with long historical records. The fact is that both developers in these cities have been struggling to improve the cities. 

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