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The Second Wave of Covid: A Threat Reborn



Second Wave of COVID

Presently, the world is dealing with a deadly virus named SARS CoV-2. During the past 6 months, thousands of people have lost their lives due to SARCoV-2 infection. However, scientists have warned against another bigger issue. There is a big chance that the second wave of COVID might hit the global population. Hence, you should follow every pandemic norm postulated by scientists. If you want to know more about the second COVID wave, then go through the article. Further, this article also includes ways with which the spread of COVID-19 can be regulated. 

What is COVID 19?

COVID 19 is a type of virus that had emerged from China. To be specific, SARS CoV-2 is a newly identified Coronavirus. More importantly, SARS CoV-2 has caused respiratory illness all over the globe. On the other hand, scientists are expecting the second wave of COVID in most countries.  

The COVID-19 has several symptoms viz. chills, muscle aches, diarrhea, nausea, headache, chills, etc. Furthermore, the SARS CoV-2 spreads from one person to another. At present, the coronavirus has no vaccination. That said, you can avoid the contamination by frequent hand-wash, use of face masks, etc.  Moreover, you can prevent the disease spread with the help of isolation and physical distancing. 

The SARS CoV-2 has an incubation period of 14 days. Notably, patients of COVID-19 should take plenty of rest and have to stay in quarantine. Both the COVID 19 and 2003 SARS belong to the coronavirus family.  

What is the Second Wave of COVID?

All in all, you can compare the second wave of COVID with that of an oceanic wave. Each cycle comprises of increase in the number of infections and then a gradual decrease. However, scientists aren’t able to define a pandemic wave properly. New Zealand has reported the first coronavirus patient after 24 virus-free days. Likewise, China and Iran are facing another outbreak. At present, scientists are worried about coronavirus UK. This is so because the COVID-19 virus is still lethal and infectious. Moreover, 5% of the U.K’s population has been detected as COVID-19 positive.  

Coronavirus Pandemic: Is the Second Wave Already Here?

Initially, scientists have warned about the second wave of COVID. For one thing, people are not following the pandemic guidelines properly. Secondly, Greece, Spain, and Germany have already eased the lockdown rules. Further, the WHO has warned that COVID-19 might never get eradicated.  

With that said, shops, malls, and public places have reopened in many countries. For this reason, it is highly likely that the second wave of COVID might recur fast. Germany had registered a high spike in COVID-19 cases in July. On the other hand, the reproduction rate has increased significantly.  

In particular, scientists have not defined uniform standards to account for the second wave. Virologists had warned people to follow guidelines to save from the pandemic. On the contrary, people have been acting carelessly. However, there is a possibility for the virus’ further mutation. As in effect of this, the coronavirus pandemic might get in control. 

What Could Trigger a Second Wave?

Primarily, lockdown is the only perfect solution to control the COVID-19 spread. However, the lockdown has increased the rate of unemployment, destroying health, etc. Likewise, the lockdown has also affected students and has damaged the worldwide economy.  

In effect of this, scientists have introduced new methods to tackle the COVID-19. For instance, you need to wear face masks and attain social distancing. If not, then there is a possibility that the second wave of COVID could trigger. Presently, South Korea has re-imposed some of the lockdown measures. As a result, South Korean’s aren’t able to gather in clusters. 


Will a Second Wave be the Same as the First?

In particular, the reproduction rate is important for the strength of the second wave of COVID. Initially, the reproduction rate was 3. With that said, most of the people aren’t following social distancing norms. Thus it is highly likely that the reproduction rate might go up. Thereby, the Second Wave of COVID could infect more people as compared to the first one.  

Scientists have warned that COVID positive patients might increase in the coming months. Additionally, the virus might spread fast during the winters. Therefore, people need to follow pandemic norms strictly. It would help if you avoided social gatherings and put on a face mask. Another way of curbing the onset of the second wave is by conducting frequent COVID-19 tests. On the other hand, governments should impose state-wise lockdowns. Lastly, governments also have to match up with the high demand for healthcare. 

Will the Virus Become Milder and No Longer a Problem? 

As per one argument, COVID-19 might get mild after mutation. Due to this theory, fewer people will get infected. Meanwhile, scientists have stated that it is not for sure that the virus may get mild.  

At present, More than 1 Million coronavirus deaths have been recorded around the world. Besides, China, Iraq, and New Zealand have reported a fresh surge in COVID-19 cases. Secondly, the COVID-19 positive patients have started to showcase milder to no symptoms. This is the reason why it has become harder to fight the virus.  

Will the Second Wave of Covid Come to the UK? 

Scientists have already warned citizens regarding the second wave risk of coronavirus in the UK. This is so because the population of the U.K isn’t following pandemic norms strictly. Meanwhile, 5% of the population of the United Kingdom has been infected with COVID-19. Secondly, medical officials aren’t aware of whether COVID-19 infected patients were given proper treatment or not. In effect of this, you can say that the U.K might suffer from the second wave of coronavirus. Nevertheless, you should follow social distancing and wear masks to tackle viral disease.  Boris Johnson already announces to maintain all safety percussion for all the citizens of the UK.

Coronavirus ‘Second Wave’: What Lessons Can We Learn From Asia.

The first case of COVID-19 was reported in one of the Asian countries. As a protective measure, most of the Asian governments have imposed heavy lockdown in respective countries. Due to this, the cases of coronavirus in Asia were drastically reduced.  

Additionally, Asian governments had started to quarantine visitors from foreign lands. Similarly, several Asian governments had strengthened healthcare and conducted through COVID tests. In some cases, governments had even reimposed lockdown norms. Similar steps were included by American and European countries to tackle coronavirus US and in the EU. 

Why Europe is Vulnerable to the Second Wave of COVID-19 

After China, European countries were devastated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In effect of this, most European countries had to go through a long period of lockdown. Consequently, the economy of most of the EU nations suffered drastically. For this reason, EU governments had lift-off the lockdown that once again surged coronavirus stats. Presently, Germany had recorded 1000 coronavirus positive cases in a day. Likewise, France, Spain, and Greece have also recorded a surge in COVID-19 patients. With that said, the French government is planning to reimpose the lockdown.  

Final Thought

In brief, COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges for the world. The first case of COVID-19 was reported in Wuhan, China. Both SARS CoV-2 and 2003 SARS belongs to the family of coronavirus. Till now, no vaccine has been designed for coronavirus. More importantly, COVID-19 spreads from one person to another. Therefore, you need to follow the pandemic norms and refrain from social gatherings strictly. Meanwhile, the world is on the verge of getting hit by the second wave of COVID-19. In effect of this, governments have started vaccine trials for coronavirus USA and UK.

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