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Technology in Our Daily Life: What is The Role of It?



Role of Technology in our daily life

It is unreasonable to argue against Technology, despite the evidence of it ruining some natural phenomena. It affects the atmosphere and the lives of our young ones. Its benefits are overwhelming, and we can list many reasons to support it in our daily life. Technology has expanded its wings everywhere; industrialization, education, and business. It is not possible to do anything without factoring in technology because it simplifies work. Companies who embrace technology report higher returns and efficiency, making it realistic to look at its in-depth benefits of technology in our daily life. The article will examine the relevance of innovation in education, health care, and communication.

The Importance of Innovation is in Our Daily Lives?

What is the role of technology in our daily life? It is interesting to note that it has become part and parcel of us. Look at the mobiles we carry, the TVs, the cars we drive, the kitchen appliances we use, and even the gadgets we use in our offices? Everything counts on innovation for efficiency. It is unimaginable to think about the losses we could be making if it was not for advancement. Doing research could be unthinkable if it were not for technology. Technology in our daily life is evident in everything that we do. Safe travels would not be a guarantee if it were not for safety lights on the streets. The car you are driving will not be safe if it was not for the invention of brakes and speed governors! Technology is the reason world activities are thriving!

What is The Importance of Technology in Education?

How does technology help us in learning? Of course, you will have many helpful reasons to agree on the benefits of technology in education. First, e-learning is the greatest innovation that has a direct impact on education. Through e-learning, the learner can access all the materials that will be helpful during education. The learner can practically manage his learning timelines while connecting to other learnings for discussion forums.

Technology also avails all the information that the learner will require during the learning process. Innovation makes learning to be more productive because you are learning from a wider scope.

Despite the benefits that technology has brought in education, there is a setback for an institution that relies on creative employees. Technology is globalizing everything. It is sad because it builds lazy people who cannot even handle simple tasks because of overdependence on innovation. Calculators have made people refuse to think, and they will rely on them to do a simple sum!

How Technology Changes the Way, We Communicate

How are advancements helpful in the way we communicate? Technology in our daily life is vital because it is true that we get to receive and pass information. Technology is active when it comes to communications. Unlike the old days where letters were the only way to communicate, it is now possible to pass a message immediately after typing the last word regardless of the distances it is traveling. People can now receive voice SMS and even a live chat. You can do a face-to-face live chat with a subject who is millions of miles away from you using the communication apps such as Facebook and skype.

Everything about communication is impressive due to advancements, though it is now promoting a language that some may not understand. Young people are now using slang language that will be hard for learned and some to understand! It is a small problem because everyone minds his own business during communication.

How Has Technology Helped us in Healthcare Systems?

Health care providers embrace innovations just like other fields. It is now possible to keep the health records in a database so that the doctors can easily access the health history using the virtual health care system. Testing and imaging are now more effective than in the old days. It is now possible to accurately diagnose disease through technological devices such as a CT scan and MRI. Doctors can easily access online medical databases using their smartphones. It gives them the efficacy that they deserve to discharge the treatment.

Technology has enabled researchers to use medical history to predict trends in health. It is now possible to predict the outbreaks of Flu, and other diseases using the available information. Doctors also use the trends in researching the vaccines and medications for the new pandemics.

On the negative side of technology in health care, using medical history could be devastating when there was a misdiagnosis because it will lead to an erroneous interpretation and medication. Many patients who reported a case of misdiagnosis end ups facing health issues just because of overreliance on a medical history that may have resulted from misdiagnosis. Though this case is seldom, it still holds.

How Technology Has Changed Forms of Lifestyle

Technology Has Changed How We Pay Bills and Transfer Money

It is now possible to transfer money from one country to another through technology without the need for an in-person presence. Technology is now providing digital money that everyone can access by simply registering. It is a great invention in the history of money transfer. Many users now embrace digital money platforms such as western union, Pioneer, and PayPal. You only need an email, and there you are ready to access and receive money from international companies.

Unlike in the old days where people will travel long distances to transfer money, the present inventions will enable the users to exchange money using their smartphones in the comfort of their houses. There are no more issues with long queues in the banks and other money platforms. You can pay your bills using a till number without necessarily being present at the depot!

Despite this advantage, there have been online theft, where people hack your account and steal all the money. It is a rare occurrence though the repercussions are often devastating to the subject. You can always stay safe from these cases by using strong passwords when using an online money service.

How Technology Has Changed Other Forms of Entertainment

The benefits of Technology in our daily life are evident in entertainment. During the old days, people could visit cinema halls and movie shows for entertainment. Nowadays, you don’t need to be at a cinema hall because there is a live streaming service such as Netflix that will do it for you. Technology influences entertainment because all the entertainment services will accept you upon subscription, though some sites offer it for free. The music industry has felt the technology change. We no longer need CDs or stereos to listen to music. You can watch as many TV channels as you wish because of the satellite TVs and cable boxes. Some use the OTT network to receive television content at a high-speed internet connection rather than a satellite or a cable box.

It is no longer necessary to travel to a lottery kiosk to do gambling. You only need a phone, and there you are to enjoy real gambling in the comfort of your house. There are also many online games that you can play at home.

The problem facing the entertainment industry is the plagiarism of some content in songs and movies. They do not have a rule that effectively governs the contents. Some apps will source the entertainment information without paying a penny.

Technology Has Changed How We Live in and Outside Our Homes

It is no longer like the old days where a hearty conversation with a person was only possible when you meet! Nowadays, you will observe people talking and laughing while they are alone in their homes. People interact with families and friends through phone calls. They can share all stories even when they are 1000 miles away. You can now attend meetings even when you are in your pajamas, which was impossible before the invention. Apps such as google-meet simplify everything.

Everything in our homes is slowly changing, and you no longer need a fireplace to get some warmth!

You only have to buy electronic gadgets that will regulate the temperatures in your house. There is a problem because the advancement is breaking the family ties. Many families fail to have a family conversation because children and parents are busy with social media. It is something that hurts the family relationship in the long run.

Technology Has Changed How We Stay Safe

Technology in our daily life has changed the way we stay safe. It is now possible to install CCTV cameras at certain spots to help you identify the encroaching idlers. It is possible to take a precaution before things get worst because a CCTV camera will capture a visitor or a stranger. You can also install other safety gadgets to notify you when there is a stranger in your home. Some install apps on your smartphone to tell you about whatever is happening in your house even when you are away. It is a prudent safety requirement since you don’t need to be there in person.

The shortcoming of these technological security installations is how they may compromise privacy. CCTV cameras capture everything regardless of the nature of the contents. The security apps will also notify you about messages that the person you are tracking is receiving. It hurts the privacy of the subject.

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Final Thought

Technology is undoubtedly the best thing that happens in the world. It touches our daily life, and we use it in everything we do in our lives. No one will talk about efficiency without mentioning a technology in it. There are other things; wellness and fitness. The machines we use at the gym are technological innovations that help people manage their fitness. The benefits that the inventions offer us are overwhelming. It is definitely among the reasons everyone is embracing them without questioning.

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