How to Register for Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

Traveling is something that no one can avoid. Today you may be in Alaska, tomorrow you want to have a business trip to China. If you have a plan of visiting a friend abroad or attending to a business trip and you are likely to spend more time there, then you will need to take effective measures.  If there is a hurricane, flood, terrorist attack or emergence of dangerous illness in the country you have visited, how will you help yourself? These are problems that most travel insurance quotes may not cover. S.T.E.P is the best solution you have.

What is S.T.E.P

U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs launched a free program known as Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. The program is set to help the US nationals or citizens who are planning their trip out of the USA. One only need to sign up for the service and wait to receive the benefits. Don’t forget that it’s a free service. You can sign up for this STEP if you are traveling to countries with political instability, taking a trip that might last for weeks or months or when traveling to major events like the Olympics or World Cup.

Should I register for STEP?

All American citizens and nationals are advised to register for STEP. You may not figure out how important this program is but with enough information, you will make the right decision. Here are the main reasons that explain as to why you need to register for STEP.

Get travel advisories. Your STEP account will enable you to receive various information about the country you are planning to visit. Cases like security threats natural calamities are normally sent to your email. When you are updated, you can decide to cancel your trip or take the risk.

Speed up emergency services and passport recovery. As much as you may struggle to keep your documents safe, they get lost, destroyed or stolen. If you lose a passport, you may find it rough in a foreign country. But with a STEP account, your data shall have been recorded. It will take the embassy a short time to help you recover your lost passport.

Evacuation process. In case civil wars, terrorist attacks or natural calamities occurs in the country you are in, your details will be available in the database of the US citizens who are in that country. It will be a simple task to contact you and evacuate you before the condition worsens.

Provide urgent information. You may not be able to communicate effectively with people from home. This means you may not be updated with the information of what going on back there. For these reasons, the STEP program is always there to ensure that you are informed of emergencies at home.

How to Register for Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

How to Enroll or register in STEP

The registration process is very easy and will take you a short time to accomplish. Ensure every detail you fill is accurate to avoid encountering errors during the registration process. there are the steps you need to follow during the STEP registration.

• Creating your profile

Use this link to get you to the STEP registration page Click on the “create account” option and follow the process involved. This first option will allow you to create your profile that you will be used to monitor your account. The privacy act information section allows you to safeguard all the data you fill in. you will need to accept the privacy act.


The next option involves putting in your user name, password and security questions. When filled correctly, you will be able to use this information to log into the website. Then you proceed to fill in your personal information; name, address, email, telephone number and emergency contacts. For better communication with your loved ones at home in case of problems, authorization of the disclosure of the information is very important.

How to Register for Smart Traveler Enrollment Program 2

• Trip specification information

Now that you have already filled in your data; you will have to provide information about the country you are visiting. The data should include the country you are visiting, the period you expect to stay during your trip, what you are going to do in that country, phone number and address of where you expect to stay during the visit.  

These options allow you to include as much destination s as possible. The time of registration is also not limited. Completing this step will give you a chance to get information about the current state of your destination. Your data shall have also been added in the database so you can be reached if anything goes wrong during your visit.

• Travel advisories

If you are done with the two steps above, the final one is about subscribing to travel advisories. The subscription requires you to fill in your name, email address and the country you need to be notified about. It’s not permanent which means you can change the country when you are visiting a different one. this information will come from the U.S Department of states. If you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so with ease at any time.


Many Americans are proud of this program because it has helped most of them. You also need to have a clear understanding that the US embassy may not do everything you expect, they have limitations and there are boundaries they can’t go beyond. As you register for the smart traveler enrolment program, you also need to read more information about the relation between the USA and the country you are visiting.

Exercising safety travel tips can help you to defend yourself before you receive help from the embassy. Chances are high that when you use the travel safety tips, you will not encounter any problem during your journey. You can also check on the insurance companies that offer the best travel insurance quotes. This can help you recover anything loss you incur during an unexpected event.

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