Hobnobbing With…Gadabout Jennifer Fisher

Best party you’ve ever been to? The 40th birthday I threw for myself at the SoHo Beach House Miami with 20 girls. Moms gone wild. It was Bloody Mary upon waking, rosé at brunch, Joe’s Stone Crab brought to the beach, tequila on the roof with tacos. We partied like crazy. There’s a picture of me on top of a party bus.

Drink of choice? I like Tito’s vodka up, no vermouth, olives on the side, not dirty. If we’re talking olives, I like a pitted Cerignola olive. Those remind me of my honeymoon in Rome.

Wallflower or life of the party? I would say life of the party. I like to go out. You meet people you may never have the opportunity to meet. I always find it’s better to go out than stay home, because something surprising always happens. The key is not being afraid to talk to people.

Ideal night in? Cooking for the family or having friends over. I’m out so much for work, so when I’m catching up with friends, it usually involves drinking in the kitchen and dancing—also in the kitchen.

Party outfit? I love to wear jeans. I couldn’t tell you how many pairs of jeans I have. Even still, I wear them so often, they get worn out, but I figure people are usually looking at your face and not below your waist so I can get away with it.

Favorite party city? New York. Because it’s not just about going to a party. If you go to a party and it ends, you can go to another place and hang out. I know it’s a cliché, but New York is really the city that never sleeps. Wherever you go, there’s always a cool new group of people.

Secret to a good party? If it’s at my house, my mom taught me that when people walk into your home they’re fed and they’re watered. Otherwise, out and about, what makes a party better is if it feels more intimate and someone put thought into the food. Also, parties that are too crowded make me crazy.

Jewelry philosophy? At parties, people typically look at your face, so large earrings are the perfect thing to wear. It’s a statement—an instant conversation piece and the first thing they ask you about.

Verdict on party hopping? It’s OK. People understand there are multiple social events in an evening, but they also remember when you show up, that you made an effort, no matter how long you stay. Swinging by for a drink is usually just as good as staying the entire night.

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