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CBD Health Benefits in Promoting Wellness




For many people currently, seeking alternative medicine seems to be the only way forward. Clinical drugs are good and all; however, alternative medications are proving to be the best. There are many CBD health benefits that we’ve heard about, and in this article, we have explained them to you for you. But at first, let’s get an idea about what the compound is.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient that’s normally derived from the hemp or cannabis plant. It’s non-psychoactive with a wide range of health properties. CBD health benefits make it effective for treating pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety, among others.

What Are The Claims?

There are numerous medical claims surrounding the effectiveness of CBD. It’s said that CBD gels, gummies, lotions, oils, and capsules can help to ease pain and inflammation. This could be a result of injuries or underlying medical complications.

Besides that, CBD is claimed to be effective in managing mental or emotional health issues. Well, this is a compound that has therapeutic and calming effects. However, there is still a need for research studies when it comes to CBD claims.

This is because the organic compound isn’t effective in all circumstances. Besides that, different people react differently to it. So, it’s important for its mechanism of action to be established.

Does CBD Work?

In many cases, CBD actually works. That’s why people are curious about CBD health benefits. CBD has cannabinoids. On the other hand, the body usually produces endocannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid system usually helps to regulate the process of homeostasis.

CBD usually works with the endocannabinoids – neurotransmitters that usually bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. This way, it ends up enhancing the effectiveness of the neurotransmitters in response to stimuli.

In 2018, the FDA approved the use of Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures. Epidiolex is a medicine that has a purified type of CBD extract. The medicine can be used to treat two rare and severe forms of epilepsy for patients of two years age or older. This usually includes Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.

Clinical studies conducted on the effectiveness of epidiolex indicates that it helps to significantly reduce the severity and frequency of the seizures. You can find more information regarding the effectiveness of CBD here.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD?

CBD benefits are quite numerous. This is a highly versatile organic compound that you can use to treat a wide range of medical complications. From the CBD benefits charts, it’s clear that this product can effectively take your overall wellbeing to a whole new level. Common health benefits of CBD include:

CBD for Inflammation

One of the medical benefits of CBD is treating inflammation. Well, CBD is a compound that has potent anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it can effectively handle the symptoms of inflammation.

It normally works by altering the body’s natural response to inflammation. This usually involves the regulation of the immune response. Understand that when inflammation occurs in the body, it’s usually as a result of a virus, bacteria, or injury.

Acute inflammation can quickly progress to chronic inflammation. This happens when the immune system is weak, and it, therefore, can’t recognize harmful foreign substances or injuries. This means that the system will end up getting attacked. Eventually, you might end up developing the symptoms of certain diseases.

But with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can suppress the production of cytokine. These are the immune cells that usually trigger inflammation. On the other hand, the compound usually boosts the production of the T-regulatory cells. This, consequentially, helps to modulate the immune system and ease inflammation.

CBD health benefits when it comes to inflammation, helps to treat inflammatory conditions.

CBD for Anxiety Relief

There is some close relation between CBD and anxiety. This compound can be highly effective in minimizing the symptoms of social anxiety.

Anxiety is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can massively cripple your life and reduce its quality. Overall, generalized social anxiety disorder is the most common form of anxiety. But how exactly does it work?

Well, current research studies indicate that it usually interacts with the GABA receptors found in the brain. By doing so, it slows down the brain’s activities. As a result, it induces a calming effect in the brain, thereby easing the symptoms of anxiety. This normally comes in handy, especially if you are dealing with stressful situations.

The effectiveness of CBD in dealing with anxiety is the reason why some people use it for sleep. However, you have to consider the CBD dosage for sleep. Besides that, its anxiety benefits also relate to serotonin.

Well, CBD can help to increase the uptake of serotonin. It should be noted that low levels of serotonin are usually associated with anxiety.

CBD for Pain Relief

One of the most popular CBD health benefits is its ability to ease painful conditions. The CBD oil benefits for pain are quite diverse, allowing you to deal with both acute and chronic pain. Research studies indicate that it’s effective in treating pain from a broad range of conditions.

This includes muscle spasms and back pain. Additionally, you can use CBD to treat arthritis, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis. More detailed studies that it’s effective for relieving pain and spasms that come with Parkinson’s disease.

But how does CBD for pain products work? Well, it’s said that CBD has a significant impact on the glycine receptors found in the central nervous system. It should be noted that these receptors are crucial in determining the body’s response to pain.


CBD for Cancer Patients

For cancer patients, living with this disease diagnosis is already hard enough. However, patients hardly get a reprieve. Treating cancer itself is another nightmare that comes with extremely harsh side effects.

There are studies that indicate CBD can help to reduce the growth of cancerous cells. This is because it has anti-tumor properties. It works by antagonizing the GPR55 receptors that usually promote the growth of cancer cells.

Besides that, there are also studies that show that the compound can help to switch off the ID-1 gene responsible for the spread of breast cancer. When it comes to the effects of treatment, CBD has anti-emetic properties. So, it helps to reduce side effects such as nausea that result from chemotherapy.

A combination of anti-tumor and anti-emetic properties definitely helps to ease the effects of cancer. However, you shouldn’t use CBD products without first consulting with your doctor if you have cancer.

CBD’s Antipsychotic and Neuroprotective Properties

There are many CBD oil uses, and there are those that love it for its antipsychotic properties. Yes, CBD has great potential as both a neuroprotectant and an antipsychotic. So, can it help to improve the wellness of the patient with these conditions?

Well, preliminary CBD reports indicate that it can be good for management purposes. Its antipsychotic benefits are based on the fact that it can easily bind with the dopamine D2 receptor. This is a receptor that’s usually targeted with clinical antipsychotic medications.

It should be noted that these properties are still ideal for those with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Besides that, patients experiencing psychosis as a result of drug abuse, Huntington’s, or Parkinson’s disease.

CBD for Acne

Acne is an inflammatory condition that affects people of different age groups. Until now, acne has no cure, and the treatment options available are simply designed to help ease the inflammation. Well, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties; hence it can still be effective in this case.

Generally, acne usually occurs as a result of excess sebum production. Sebum is an oily hydrant that’s naturally produced by the body. It’s designed to help hydrate the skin. However, an overproduction of sebum can easily clog the skin pores. This normally results in inflammation that causes acne.

At the moment, there are many beauty brands that use CBD for their skin products. CBD for acne usually helps to regulate the production of sebum and leads to clearer skin that’s less oily.

CBD vs. Prescription Medications

From the above overview, it’s clear that CBD Oil uses are numerous. It also seems effective in managing a wide range of conditions, both physical and mental. But when looking at CBD vs. prescription medications, can you abandon the latter for the former?

It should be noted that practical evidence at the moment indicates that CBD is a good alternative. It’s proving to be an effective solution that’s natural. Moreover, it has a broad range of health benefits. Compared to prescription medications, CBD is highly versatile.

Let’s look at some of the prescription medications, such as opioids. Well, they are normally used to treat chronic pain. However, using opioids for a long time can be quite dangerous. Why? Opioids are usually highly addictive.

So, you risk developing a habit of using them. The risk of dependency can also lead to overdose sometimes. Besides that, opioids can leave you with serious withdrawal symptoms.

Against NSAIDs Meds

What about other prescription drugs such as NSAIDs? Well, they normally include the likes of ibuprofen and aspirin. They are ideal for treating minor pains and aches. But did you know that they come with limits?

Well, these NSAIDs are not effective for treating extreme pain or chronic pain. On the other hand, using them for quite long usually comes with additional health issues. Medical reports that those who overuse these medications are at risk of developing peptic ulcers, stroke, or even acute renal failure.

There are also prescription drugs that are designed for mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. In this case, we are talking about selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). They can be effective in managing the symptoms but are also harmful.

For instance, using clinical medications designed for anxiety or depression can result in low libido and insomnia. There are also others who end up with dry mouth, confusion, and diarrhea. It’s not strange that some of the patients who use these drugs end up with suicidal thoughts.

But what happens when you take CBD for some of these medical issues? Well, observations indicate that patients rarely experience these side effects. CBD doesn’t cause dependency even after long-term use. And if there are any side effects, they are usually mild!

Does CBD Get You High

CBD does not and won’t get you high. We usually describe CBD is anti-psychoactive. It doesn’t have the ability to alter the way the mind functions. When we talk about getting high, we can compare CBD vs. THC because THC is responsible for the high effect.

There is a nonexistent chance that CBD for medical use will get you high. First, it’s normally derived from the hemp plant, and hemp doesn’t have psychoactive effects either. Secondly, CBD itself doesn’t have such properties. You can only get high if you consume a CBD product with high levels of THC.

So, does CBD shows on a drug test? It doesn’t because most of these drugs are usually aimed at testing the THC content.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD is legal federally in the US. So, you can actually buy CBD without a prescription. After the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, congress lifted this prohibition on hemp plants. So, it’s no longer classified as a controlled substance.

However, you need to understand that the only legal products are the ones that have 0.3% THC or less. However, different states have different laws when it comes to CBD and hemp/cannabis products. So, before you buy CBD, make sure that you understand your state laws.

Note: In states where medical marijuana is legal for recreational use, then CBD may also be legal.

Final Thought

The medical benefits of CBD are quite numerous. This is because you can attain positive CBD effects both mentally and physically. Its products are effective in easing pain, treating inflammation, and easing the symptoms of cancer, among others.

However, make sure that you consider the CBD dosage. Always start with a small dose before increasing the amount gradually. If you are worried about the potential CBD effects, then you should first consult your physician.

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