‘Every year the ambassadors are better looking’

RUGBY union footballer Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins has hit back at claims he’s not as big a name as Hollywood hunk Chris Hemsworth.

After being named as an ambassador for Tourism Australia’s $5 million youth campaign, targeting 18 to 29 year olds globally, Cummins playfully took aim at the actor, known for playing Thor in the Marvel movie franchise and who has worked with the tourism body for more than a year.

“Every year the hosts (ambassadors) are better looking and this year is no different,” Cummins joked. “Chris Hemsworth is a big strong rooster, a good-looking cat, but it is time for a change.”

Cummins, along with actor Lincoln Lewis and TV presenter Teigan Nash, front the campaign.

media_cameraNick “Honey Badger” Cummins is the new ambassador for Tourism Australia’s campaign.

Hemsworth’s star power, including voicing campaigns and promoting Australia to the world on social media, has been calculated to be worth $160 million in advertising.

When asked how the Honey Badger would fare going up against Thor, 30-year-old Cummins added: “If he doesn’t have his hammer in his hand, the honey badger would be in with a good shot.”

media_cameraChris Hemsworth was the previous ambassador for Tourism Australia. Picture: Marvel Studios

Regardless of who would win in a fight, Cummins encouraged Australians to get out and see more of their own turf.

“People go to Bali instead of seeing this amazing country,” he said.
“You could drive a van around and still not see everything. You could go through a few lifetimes travelling around Australia. There’s so much here we should be checking out first.”

Cummins took the last year off rugby and hinted at a change of direction in 2018, although he was tight-lipped on detail. “I’ve been training for something coming up in February next year. It is a different sport altogether and hopefully I wouldn’t mind having a gig there. It is pretty top secret. There are a couple of contracts in France and in Australia, too, with rugby.”

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