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Does CBD Show on Drug Test? An Updated Overview



Does CBD shows on drug test

Admittedly testing positive for a drug is not something that you would desire. The repercussion of testing positive on a drug test is serious, and they could ruin a career. With the influx of CBD products, there are so many questions that we ask ourselves. Is it legal? Does CBD show on drug test? Our main emphasis for this article is on whether someone can test positive on a drug test after using a CBD product. We also address why some people test positive on CBD products and how they can prevent this. Just be sure to read this article till the end.

What is CBD? 

CBD is a product from the cannabis Sativa plant that has drawn a lot of attention in recent years. The Cannabis Sativa plant contains a lot of compounds, which include CBD and THC. CBD, the acronym for cannabinoid, is considered to have a lot of benefits to the user. On the other hand, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is associated with psychoactive effects on the user. When people refer to Cannabis as illegal, they are always referring to Marijuana, which has a lot of THC. CBD is found on the hemp plant and is fairly the legal form of Cannabis that is accepted worldwide. Most of the CBD products that you find in shops are from the hemp plant.  

What Are the Drug Tests? 

Drug tests and CBD is a technical analysis of a biological specimen such as urine, blood, saliva, and hair to check for the availability of illegal drugs. Perhaps you have come across the method known as UDT or Urine drug testing. This is the most common drug test method where the screening is conducted on an individual’s urine. It’s normally conducted in two ways. First, is the screening process followed by the confirmatory process? The form is a biological test that is conducted to screen for illegal drugs. The latter is simply done after screening test has indicated the presence of drugs.

All drug tests are very intensive and can determine the type of drug that you have used, the frequency of the intake, and the amount that you have taken. Even if you had consumed it a few hours before the test, they are easily detectable.

What Warrants a Drug Test? 

There are several reasons why a person might be subjected to a CBD drug test. Because most of the employers are against the usage of drugs at their workplaces, you might be subjected to a test when applying for a job. Also, it’s a requirement for parole or probation. Drug tests are very common for athletes. On numerous occasions, we hear news of athletes who have been banned from sports because of one using some of the illegal drugs. The usage of drugs by athletes is nothing new. This necessitated the sports authority to make it a requirement for the athletes to undergo tests. Whether it’s a college athlete or a professional athlete, they have to undergo drug tests. The reason is simple- to ensure that there is equality in the game. In that, the performance of an athlete is not influenced by external factors.

Does CBD Really Show on Drug Test? 

In reality, many employers are strict on the issue of drugs. Professionals such as police officers, teachers, and military personnel often undertake drug tests.

CBD does not show on most drug tests, or rather we could say that no test checks for CBD. The tests are to test the psychoactive substance known as THC. CBD does not get you high and will not influence your performance. Therefore, you will not test positive in the drug test if you have been consuming CBD.

Meaning that companies do not invest in testing for CBD- they do not like spending money for no reason.

If you test positive, you will most likely have been consuming CBD products with THC or other compounds found in the cannabis Sativa plant. There is a test that checks for THC.

CBD Drug test

Can You Fail a Drug Test Due to CBD? 

As we have said earlier, no drug test checks for CBD.   No matter how safe the product is, chances are, you can test positive for drugs by simply consuming CBD products. So, where do the complications arise from? The products that you consume can have THC. Another viable reason is that the body might convert CBD to THC. Chances for this are generally slim. However, the best way to ensure that you do not consume THC is to screen the products before you buy them thoroughly.

How Much THC is in CBD? 

The answer to this question will depend on where CBD was derived from. It’s a point of concern for those who are worried- ‘does CBD show on drug test?’ As said before, CBD is a derivative of the hemp plant and Marijuana. Marijuana and hemp are plants from the cannabis family. The difference between them is the concentration of THC. Hemp has a negligible amount of THC, and Marijuana has a high amount of THC. Hemp can have THC, not more than 0.3%. This is the level that FDA approves.

Most of the CBD products that you buy are a derivative of the hemp plant. To be on the safe side, check the ingredient of the products you buy as the CBD market is highly unregulated.

How Long Will CBD and THC Stay in My Stomach? 

People who normally ask -does CBD show on drug test would also like to know how long it stays in their system. Researches are normally inconclusive. But there is one area where scientists have done a thorough research and have concrete answers.

How long THC stays on the body depends on the frequency. For those who rarely come into contact with THC, it can be a matter of a few days before it gets out of your system. For THC frequents, it could take weeks or even months. If the test being conducted is a urine test, a one month of abstinence could negatively affect drug usage. But a hair test will even show positive results for an infrequent drug user.

How to Avoid the Positive CBD Drug Test? 

The easiest way to avoid testing positive after using CBD products is to refrain from products that have THC. Note that THC will result in a positive drug test. Avoid Full and broad-spectrum CBD. If you must consume this product, use methods that ensure that the CBD products leave the system earlier, such as vaping and tinctures.

The main underlying point is to check thoroughly the product that you are buying for THC. Also, ensure that it is a third-party lab tested to ensure that the readings on the label for THC are accurate.

Is CBD legal? 

Is CBD legal is a question that has steered a lot of debate in recent times. In the United States, the Farm bill of 2018 legalized the hemp plant, which is a plant with THC of less than 0.3%. Therefore we can say that CBD and the hemp plant are both legal at the federal law. But this could change depending on the states that you are into.

There have been so many associated health benefits with CBD. CBD can help in reducing pain, anxiety, and even help in fighting insomnia. People who have used it recommend it to others. There has been a test that was conducted on the ability of CBD to help in fighting arthritis pain, and the results are generally positive.

CBD can be found in so many shops and different forms. As you go around buying CBD products, ensure that they have the recommended level of THC. Does CBD show on drug test? Despite the said benefits and their legality, CBD might show up.

Final Thought

We have provided a comprehensive answer to the question does CBD show on drug test. There is one underlying point that we would reiterate- CBD does not show up on drug tests. Further, no drug test checks for CBD. If you test positive for drugs, you might have consumed a product with a high THC content. Finally, if you have been using THC products, the best way not to test positive for a drug test is to leave it as early as possible, say three months before the test.

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