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CBD Dosage Guide – A Beginner’s Guide




A lot of people normally wonder what the best CBD oil dosage is. This is a common issue that new CBD users usually face. The truth is that there is no exact answer to this. This is because people normally use CBD products to treat different disorders. Additionally, CBD is normally formulated in different forms. It should be noted that the FDA does not regulate the use of this cannabis compound. So, what’s the appropriate CBD Dosage?

CBD Dosage

CBD oil products come in different concentrations and forms. On the other hand, the FDA does not regulate the use of these products. What this means is that there is no universal CBD dosage. The optimal dosage depends on user needs. It’s worth noting that factors such as tolerance, weight, and sex are crucial in determining the right dosage.

Important Consideration for CBD Dosage

While looking for pure natural CBD oil is important, you also need to analyze dosage considerations. The best organic CBD oil products usually come in a wide variety. This means that they have different dosages. So, what are the important considerations that you need to know?

  • Tolerance: the more you use CBD oil products, the more your body develops tolerance over time. This means that the effect of the same dosage will decline as time goes by. As a result, you will end up with reduced effects. So, as tolerance builds up, ensure that you increase the dosage over time to obtain the same effects.
  • Desired Effects: the optimal dose depends on the severity of discomfort or pain. This means that if you are experiencing chronic pain, you need to use a higher dose. The converse is true for mild pain. The stronger the level of discomfort, the higher the dose will be.
  • Concentration: CBD products for sale are available in different concentrations. This means that the total amount of CBD is not the same for all products. Concentration is usually measured in milligrams. It should be noted that it’s not the same as dosage which refers to the amount of CBD per serving. For instance, a topical CBD cream for sale may contain a 1000 mg concentration with 50 ml of cream, with 1 ml servings. This means that it contains 50 mg of CBD per serving.
  • Body: BMI has a direct effect on the dosage. Generally, those with high BMI need to consume a high dosage to obtain the optimal effects of CBD. On the other hand, lighter people need a lower dose to get the same effects.

How Do You Take CBD?

CBD is a highly versatile compound that has amazing health benefits. However, the mode of delivery plays a crucial role in determining its effects. So, how do you take CBD? Well, below are several delivery techniques that are popular with consumers.

  • Edibles: they include delicious treats such as CBD gummies and candies. They are normally consumed orally and have to undergo the process of digestion. CBD edibles provide a portable, discrete, and affordable way of taking CBD oil.
  • Capsules and Pills: they provide a systemic treatment option, especially if you have digestive issues and seizure disorders. Epidiolex is one of the prescription drugs that’s approved by the FDA for treating seizure disorders.

CBD oil

  • Creams and Lotions: CBD topical cream is specifically designed for external use. They are mainly used to treat skin problems such as acne and psoriasis. Besides that, these products are effective in treating muscle and joint pain. FAB CBD Cream is one of the best CBD creams for easing joint pains. This brand is known to manufacture the best CBD oil for pain by using full-spectrum industrial hemp.
  • CBD oils: they are normally used sublingually in the form of tinctures. Users need to place a few drops under the tongue and wait for a few minutes. The compounds will then find their way into the bloodstream via the capillaries found in the oral mucosa.

Is CBD legal and Is It for You?

CBD is legal at the federal level only if it has 0.3 percent THC. However, there are some state laws that have put restrictions to buyers. For instance, in Virginia, you can only buy CBD products if you have a prescription.  Currently, there are around 30 states that have legalized the use of CBD oil derived from industrial hemp.

Well, CBD is for you if you are looking for an effective alternative source of medicine. It has a good safety profile and that’s why more and more people are turning to it. However, if you are using prescription drugs, you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, exercise caution. Seek medical advice from your doctor first before using CBD products.

Final Thought

A common problem that consumers face, especially the new ones is the right CBD dosage. This is a complex issue that depends on your medical condition, mode of delivery, tolerance, and weight. To find the right dosage that produces optimal results, start with a small dosage. From there, you can gradually increase your level of intake as your body gains tolerance. It’s also important to consult first with your doctor to minimize possible risks of side effects.

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