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Best PC Gaming Controllers of 2021: Our Top 5 Recommendation



Best PC Gaming Controllers

The new generation of controllers is coming with new endless features to enhance the gameplay. Therefore it is necessary to know the details of the controllers before a purchase. To get the best choice for you. When it comes to the best PC Gaming controllers suitable for you, there are several factors you need to consider before opting for one. The best controller varies with the needs of a player. Therefore the best controller will vary from player to player. Let the information below enlighten you on settling for the best controller. The one that will serve your gaming needs to the fullest.

The Best PC Game Controllers You Can Buy Today

The modern games are now complicated, requiring new upgrade controllers. The previous generation of controllers seems inadequate to handle the tactical prowess required to execute your strategies efficiently. Fortunately, manufacturers of the game controllers know this, and they have created hybrid controllers. These upgrades allow you to play the games exactly how you want. Some of the best PC Gaming controllers available for you to buy today are full of extra features to enhance your gameplay. From customizable buttons, motion sensors, and improved input components.

The only limitation to your gameplay now has shifted from the controller to the player. Importantly, most of these controllers are wireless, providing you the extra range to sit on your comfortable couch without limitation of the length of the controller cable. Furthermore, if there was a showdown between Xbox One vs Xbox One S users, the controllers offered nothing below exceptional service. This article will provide you with a description of some of the best PC controllers you can get on the market. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, Xbox One Wireless Controller, Sony DualShock 4, and other best controllers.

Microsoft Xbox One Controller

Microsoft Xbox One Controller

An upgrade of a 360 controller with the impressive solid build quality and ergonomics. Firstly, the Xbox One Wireless Controller is designed to provide flawless control for the user. The textured grip provides enhanced comfort while playing for ultimate gaming performance. It comes with an excellent d-pad which was an issue on the 360 controllers. The controller d-pad now has the traditional four-way cross configuration, which allows better control than the disk type on the Xbox 360. Also, it has got offset analog sticks, which have smooth center rasped edges to reduce slipperiness.

The Xbox One Wireless Controller has comfortable and responsive buttons, which rumble, providing improved force feedback. This makes it one of the best Xbox accessories despite the favorite game that you play. The Guide button was moved upwards to separate it from the center menu buttons to prevent accidental inputs. It uses 2 AA batteries and can last for weeks without having to worry about replacement. Although it will be a better option to find a rechargeable pair of batteries as it can save you some money. With the Xbox One Controller, you don’t have to worry about Xbox One X and Xbox One S as it is compatible with both.


It can be acquired with different colors or preferable skins available in a wide range of colors. Even after buying one, it is easily modifiable with replacement sticks, buttons, and skins. The modifications can be done easily and safely as they do not temper with the chassis. It works on all modern PCs, which allows controller support.


It is large and quite heavy.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is a controller to have built for high precision and astounding quality. It is an upgrade on the initial Elite in every way. Firstly, it has programmable buttons, back paddles, and swappable thumbsticks for strategic enhancement of performance. It combines the best features of an Xbox One Wireless Controller: an excellent d-pad and responsive shoulder buttons with more superb improvements. Moreover, it is also equipped with quick-hit triggers, which provide excellent control in high-impact shooters. Additionally, there are more trigger locking options for faster firing. With rubberized hand-grips to prevent slipperiness, it is very convenient for long hours of playtime and those with sweaty or oily palms. The improvements include customization options and numerous additional features like Bluetooth and controllable tension for thumbsticks.

The sticks and directional pads are further customized with magnetic replacements to change the outlook of your controller. It also contains clicky rear paddles, which provide a great way to rebind controls such that they become reachable without having to lift a finger on the analog stick. Using the Xbox Accessories app allows you to customize each button to suit your gameplay. Also, you can adjust the sensitivity of the stick and trigger to your liking. Integrated within its built-up is a rechargeable battery with a USB adapter for charging. The Elite is on both sides of the Xbox One S vs Xbox One X accessories list making it a versatile controller. Furthermore, the Elite Controller can store a maximum of 3 profiles that are switchable to suit any particular game of your choice.


Equipped with customization options that enable you to swap every control function to your desired configuration using a modifier function. Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 merges the controller and player into one formidable game player. Its build-up, feel, and exquisite game controls make it one of the best controllers to have. It contains an inbuilt battery that lasts up to 40 hours of uninterrupted gameplay. To make playing even more interesting, the Elite can be used whilst it is charging. Hair triggers and interchangeable sticks make the Elite a requirement in the arsenal of an Elite game player.


It provides an easy way to part with $180. In simple, it is costly.

Astro C40 TR

Astro C40 TR Best PC Gaming Controllers

Astro C40 TR is one of the best PC gaming controllers. A perfect alternative to the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series. Providing the most competitive advantage unknown to other cheap controllers out there. It features back paddles that allow a player to keep their fingers on the analog stick and triggers simultaneously. This allows a player to dish out multiple combos much quicker than the opponent using an inferior controller. A gamer with Astro C40 TR means business, no two ways about it. The built-up of the C40 is of astounding quality, capable of maintaining its fresh look for a couple of thousand gameplays. The sturdiness of the C40 on the hands feels just about perfect.

The price tag on the Astro C40 TR makes one think a hundred times before purchase. But if you are a pro player who plays more shooting games and your frequency of playing is quite high, then this is a gamepad for you, provided that your wallet is fat enough.


Premium solid-built design providing a satisfying experience. Loaded with customizable options to adjust the controller for optimum play. It has a dual operating mode; it works wirelessly and wired.


The d-pad is not as smooth as other controllers of its caliber. It is quite big, making it not ideal for players with small hands. It is also an expensive piece of equipment.

Sony DualShock 4

Sony DualShock 4 Best PC Gaming Controllers

Get to play Fifa or co-op games with the best-refined controller. The Sony DualShock 4 Controller is full of features to make your gameplay much better than before. With refined analog sticks, quick triggers, you get the much-needed advantage due to the quick response it provides. In action tight-packed games, the fine-tuned DualShock controls provide the edge to make sure that you always ahead of your competitors. Additionally, the light bar was incorporated on the touchpad of the controller. The lightbar glows with different colors corresponding to the in-game action, enhancing the playing experience.

Also, it is wireless, meaning that you can enjoy your games in the comfort of your couch without being limited by the length of the controller cable. If the battery starts to run low whilst playing, there is no need to worry, for there is a USB cable charger. You connect it to the USB port on the console and charge the controller whilst you continue playing. Additionally, there is a 3.5 mm stereo headset audio jack on the controller to connect your headphones. Get submerged within the game by closely hearing detailed sounds of victory and loss in private. Even without headphones, you still enjoy the game sounds emanating from the in-built speaker of the DualShock 4.

Furthermore, it has an extremely sensitive accelerometer and gyroscope built within the controller to detect all the motion, tilt, and rotation. It increases the overall control of the game as you can include motion control options on top of the conventional input methods. In action games like Call of Duty, the overall efficiency of the game is increased dramatically by using convectional input modes to run, fire, and using motion controls to aim. The Sony DualShock 4 is now supported in Steam. This means that you can configure the touchpad and lightbar to your liking. Also, you can choose remapping options and change the sensitivity of the controls from the robust selection on Valve’s Steam Controller.


It is extremely comfortable to play games with. It has incredible motion control options as a result of a sensitive accelerometer and gyroscopes. Its touchpad can function as a mouse to make selections much faster. Also, it has a lightbar to enhance your gaming experience. Steam customization to fine-tune the control options to your desired taste. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery saving you money from constantly having to buy replacement batteries.


Controls for a game usually conflict with the controller button layout. It is not natively supported as an Xbox controller. Therefore additional setup software is required for some of the games designed with Xbox configuration. Also, third-party software is required to make the DualShock 4 usable on windows.

Logitech F310

Logitech-F310 controller

The Logitech F310 is an economical gamepad that offers a better playing experience than other controllers in the same price range. It features two analog mini-sticks, four programmable action buttons, and two trigger combos. The button layout has some similarities to that of the PlayStation Controller, with symmetrical control sticks. The buttons all have great tactical feedback and very responsive dual triggers. Additionally, it has a toggle switch underneath the controller to switch between the Xinput and the DirectInput. This allows those who have vintage games which require the old DirectInput configuration to enjoy their classic games.

The F310 has support for many games out there, making it a very convenient controller to have. There won’t be a need to find numerous controllers to play a certain game with the F310 in hand. For other games not configured on the new F310, there are available pack-ins to use with other games. The F310 is very light in weight, and its structural integrity requires players to practice calmness when in anger mode; otherwise, it might snap into two as it is fragile.


It is portable and has an easy-to-use design. Additionally, it is compatible to play most modern PC games. It is a very affordable controller even though it’s a good one.


Its build-up materials are of cheap quality, making it inadvisable for aggressive players as it is fragile. There is a need to download the software from the Logitech website to fine-tune DirectInput mode. The F310 does not vibrate, thus limiting the feedback gamers get from their controllers. For those who are not keen to have trailing cables running from your controller, then the F310 is not for you.

How to Choose the Best PC Game Controller for You

Although some gamers prefer the mouse and keyboard combination to play their favorite games, gamepads are like an upgrade to your gaming experience, and also they increase the range of games you can play on your PC or console. The convenience of having a controller is that it covers a wide range of game genres. From sports, simulators, races, fighting as well as platformers. Below are some factors you need to consider before settling for one of these best PC Gaming controllers.

Connection Type

The setup on which you play your games will determine the type of connection type most convenient for you. If you are playing games on PC, it is necessary to be looking for wireless controllers. Just the cabled type will do. Additionally, you will spare extra dollars as the wireless versions are a bit expensive. With the saved money, you will be able to buy other extra accessories to improve your gaming experience. Also, cabled controllers don’t come with extra costs found on some of the wireless types. The cabled type doesn’t require any batteries eliminating the need to continuously replace batteries, as do some of the wireless types. On the other hand, cabled controllers add clutter to the gaming space with cables dangling around.

However, if you prefer to have a clear playing environment and also be able to play at any comfortable distance, then the wireless type is the best option to go for. It enables you to play at any angle and in the comfort of your couch as long as the controller is within range to transmit the signal. Some of the wireless controllers have inbuilt rechargeable batteries. This provides convenience for you as you can play whilst you charge the controller. In addition to being expensive, some of the wireless controllers don’t have rechargeable batteries. This adds unnecessary costs of continuously having to buy replacement batteries from time to time.


The type of games you play also determines the best controller to have. If you have classic games among your favorite games, the controller must be able to play them. Some controllers on top of the default Xinput configuration also have the DirectInput mode for you to enjoy your classics. For those interested in fighting games, it’s best to acquire a controller with a separate D-pad. The divided version makes it possible to perform all types of attacking combos much faster and easier than the solid D-pad. However, if your games of interest exclude the fighting genre, you can overlook this suggestion.

Another point to note is that the controller must have rubberized analog sticks. This will allow precise control and eliminates inconveniences that usually result when a finger slips off the stick.


You need to check the compatibility of the gamepads with the console you are using before a purchase. Some gamepads may require additional software for them to be usable on other consoles. For example, the Sony DualShock 4, specifically built for PS4, has difficulties when playing games on an Xbox. For it to play, it requires additional software, which might be time-consuming.

Competition level

Players at the amateur level do not need to go for those high-end expensive controllers. Their advantage may be of microseconds compared to cheap ones, and for a beginner, this time difference doesn’t affect their play. However, if you are playing at the pro level, it’s necessary to have every advantage you can get, even if it’s microseconds. Therefore it will be the best choice to go for those high-end controllers. The Xbox Elite Series 2 is one of the best PC Gaming controllers for elite gamers. With customizable buttons, quick-hit triggers, and other exquisite features, it takes the gameplay to a whole new level.


Despite all other factors mentioned above, the size of your wallet determines the range for your options, with high-end controllers demanding almost 4 times the price of standard controllers. A powerful reason is needed to acquire one. Lucky enough, there are some affordable good controllers with awesome elite features. The Xbox One Wireless Controller is one of the all-rounder best PC Gaming controllers in price and functionality.

Final Thought

Now it’s high time to elevate you’re your gameplay to the Pro level. To do that, you will need to grab at least one of the controllers listed above. In a competition between Xbox One S vs Xbox One X, the above controllers will guarantee top performance from both sides. With all the information above, hope it is now clear for you to make the best selection considering your surrounding factors, which differ from player to player. After all, among the available best PC Gaming controllers, the best one for you is the one that will make your gameplay to be as enjoyable as possible

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