Aussie healer lands prime-time US spot

  • Charlie Goldsmith lands big US TV deal
  • Amazing healing powers Charlie kept secret for 17 years

AUSSIE energy healer Charlie Goldsmith is set to become a household name thanks to his debut television show being given a prime time slot on American TV.

The Healer will be broadcast into millions of homes when it launches on America’s TLC channel on Monday, November 6.

Olivia Newton-John’s 37-year-old nephew stars in the documentary TV series being produced by Bunim Murray, the team behind the Kardashians and Emmy Award-winning series Born This Way.

media_cameraAustralian energy healer Charlie Goldsmith has scored his own show on American channel TLC. Picture: Supplied

“When Charlie Goldsmith was 18 he discovered he had an ability to heal people that defies belief and what we know about human capability,” the show synopsis reads.

“The Healer follows Charlie’s life and work as he is sought after by athletes, celebrities and people from all walks of life hoping to be cured of their chronic and debilitating ailments.”

Goldsmith, the younger brother of actor and singer Tottie, doesn’t charge for his healing services and earns a living running communications agency Cassette and Pumpy Jackson healthy chocolate.

He treats most patients in under 60 seconds with ailments varying from chronic pain to urinary tract infections and allergies.

An Australian broadcast date is yet to be announced although TLC is part of the Foxtel stable of channels.

media_cameraThe premiere episode features Dirty Dancing actor Jennifer Grey. Picture: Supplied

The premiere episodes follows Goldsmith as he works with several patients including Dirty Dancing actor Jennifer Grey, who has suffered from chronic neck pain since she was in a car accident three decades ago.

“I’ve never experienced anything like what Charlie is capable of,” Grey said.

“I hope everyone gets to see this show because it is truly impossible to understand but it is undeniable when you see it. Charlie’s gift will certainly be looked back on, and in no uncertain terms, as the real deal. I will probably never understand what I’ve seen but I feel honoured to have been a part of it.”

media_cameraGoldsmith is Olivia Newton-John’s niece. Picture: AAP Image/Lukas Coch
media_cameraMany people are sceptics but he has treated some in just 60 seconds. Picture: TLC

Goldsmith caught the attention of Bunim Murray after being the subject of a study at New York’s NYU Lutheran Hospital, the results of which appeared in the international Journal Of Alternative And Complementary Medicine. Over three weeks, he treated 50 different patients with a 76 per cent success rate of pain-related conditions with immediate “marked improvement” and 79 per cent of conditions other than pain.

“This is simply a phenomenon,” NY Lutheran Hospital doctor Ramsey Joudeh said. “Everybody is a sceptic to some degree and at first I thought his gift was something we could do at least to give patients a peace of mind and comfort. When I saw Charlie work, it really changed my belief and thoughts on the entire process, from maybe something that could augment to something that could in and of itself heal.”

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