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Moderna Covid Vaccine: What You Need to Know



Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Are we waiting for the corona vaccine to come and rescue us all? Yes! We are. Pandemic has shaken up all, and according to a study, every house suffers a loss of life due to Coronavirus. However, the situation of the Pandemic has not given scientists enough time to research. Yet Food and drug authority FDA has suggested Moderna Covid vaccine as an emergency solution to save lives.

Covid 19 vaccines have been in speculation for the past months. But bringing a vaccine in the market to be used by the world is not a piece of cake. It requires lots of trials, rejections, retesting to bring out a vaccine. However, the alarming situation in the 2019 Pandemic has cut all the norms of vaccine birth.

Who Is Moderna?

Moderna Covid vaccine is the most significant contribution and one routine vaccine to the world. Moderna was founded back in 2010, and they use biotechnology for developing medicine based on mRNA. This company generates mRNA-based technologies to provide solutions to several diseases.

Moderna creates “Modalities” that carry mRNA-based medicines with the same technology. They share the same delivery technique and identical manufacturing processes with multiple effects for different disease treatments.

The medicine from Moderna usually has the same pharmacological effects. By pharmacological effects, we mean the dose of medication and its combination with other drugs. Plus, its side effects and tolerability issues. In other words, all medicines of Moderna share the same Pharmaceutical features. On the other hand, the risk factor is also attached as a single medicine deal with various diseases.

What Is The Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine?

An mRNA stands for Messenger ribonucleic acid, which is responsible for protein synthesis in the body. Moreover, these synthesized proteins, as a result, support the immune system to fight against the disease. For the coronavirus treatment, the mRNA vaccine will help our body to generate proteins. Hence trigger an immune response in the body to produce Antibodies.

These antibodies will produce defense against future infections and disease. Covid 19 virus has a structure that contains ‘spike proteins’ on their surfaces. Therefore, Moderna Covid vaccine will accelerate the production of small pieces of ‘spike protein’ in our body’s cells.

mRNA vaccine will never interfere with the DNA of the body. These Covid 19 vaccines, unlike other vaccines, does not use live virus strands or weak germs to stimulate an immune response. Instead, they use bodies own cells to generate the proteins. Once the cell is done with the production of necessary proteins under the instruction of mRNA, later they degenerate it and undergo self-break down.

Moderna Covid vaccine is a new invention in the medicinal world. Scientists are trying to evolve from traditional vaccines to use biotechniques for treatments of chronic diseases. They are utilizing mRNA production for treatment other than incorporating attenuated virus or bacteria.

Authorized Use

Corona is caused by the Coronavirus that directly targets the respiratory system. In older patients, the thing gets worst because of a lack of immunity. The survival rate in older patients from 50-60 ages and above is shallow. Therefore, the Food and drug authority FDA has authorized the emergency use of corona vaccines EUA for 18 years and older patients.

The Emergency use of authorization will allow this Covid 19 vaccine to be available for 18 years and older individuals.

Why Is Moderna Covid Vaccine Available Now?

Due to the corona situation, no authentic protocols have been followed for Corona vaccine research and trials. Therefore, Food and drug authority has only signed an Emergency use Authorization. This means FDA has not included the Corona vaccine in their approved vaccines list for regular treatments and usage.

Scientists other than typical situations have limited data and research to declare the corona vaccine’s detailed efficacy. But based on timely evidence, they are suggesting Moderna Covid vaccine safe to be used. Furthermore, researchers and scientists have ruled out the adverse effect of the corona vaccine to the potential impact. Hence, FDA is only suggesting the drug for Emergency use in a pandemic situation.

Detailed studies are going on to find the other effects of mRNA technology for Coronavirus treatment. It is an idea that by following herd immunity, we can somehow handle the pandemic situation. By targeting the community for exemption other than individual immunity, we can protect many people.

The people who cannot resist infections or the people who have compromised immune systems target Vaccination. They require more protection. If the weak people get vaccinated, the transfer of the virus can decrease. Heard immunity results in the downfall of virus transfer and reduced the death rate overall.

What Does Moderna Covid Vaccine Do In The Body?

Vaccination is a whole process, which takes place step by step. To get complete knowledge regarding the coronavirus treatment, one should know how a vaccine works inside the body. Corona vaccine is administered only on the specific site of the body. It cannot be given on the thighs, hips, and back of a person’s body.

  • Firstly, the doctor will give the vaccine through injection on the upper part of the arm-Intramuscular injection.
  • Once the mRNA enters the body, it starts instructing the body cells to manufacture the harmless proteins. These are called ‘Spike Proteins.’
  • Spike proteins are structural proteins present on the surface of the Coronavirus.
  • Once the body detects the non-identical protein structure, the immune system gets activated.
  • The immune system will then produce Antibodies against those spike proteins, which will generate immunity for future infections.
  • Cells which under the instruction of mRNA vaccine, forms Spike proteins will then break down. They get rid of mRNA.

At the end of this process, the individual is immunized against the coronavirus infection. mRNA has taught our body to handle the conditions in the future. Like previous vaccine experiences, a person if getting in contact with Coronavirus will not get infected. Further, the vaccinated person is unable to carry and spread the virus as well.

Who Should Get Vaccinated by Moderna Covid Vaccine?

The main target is to control the death rate of corona infections. People with healthy internal immune systems can fight the Coronavirus themselves. However, people with a less active immune system, such as newborns, children, and old-aged citizens, are more prone to get sick. Eventually, it is suggested that people from 18 years and above are authorized to get Moderna Covid vaccine.

After vaccination, People might feel sluggish and headaches. Body pain, including muscle pain and joints pain, has also been observed.

Moderna Covid 19 Vaccine

Who Should Not Get Vaccinated by Moderna Covid Vaccine?

Different people have different immunity levels. However, our immunity system is designed similarly, but we all respond to infections in different ways. Many never show any reaction even after getting face-to-face interaction with some illness. At the same time, others get upset even after little exposure to infected stimuli.

A similar response runs with the coronavirus vaccine. Many people show a mild reaction, and some show exaggerated allergic reactions. Most importantly, we discuss severe allergic reactions due to which one should go to the hospital. Even treatment with epinephrine to allergic conditions also comes under severe allergies. Below are some points to consider before getting a vaccine:

  • Firstly, you should know that Messenger Ribonucleic acid mRNA vaccines contain Polyethylene glycol. If you already know that you are sensitive to polyethylene glycol, you should avoid taking mRNA Corona vaccines.
  • Secondly, if you get an anaphylactic reaction means severe allergic reactions after getting your first dose of corona mRNA vaccine, you should not get a second vaccine dose. Moreover, it would be better not to get any mRNA corona vaccine.
  • Lastly, it is not necessary that if you cannot take the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, you cannot take any. It would help if you went for other available corona vaccines but not mRNA-based vaccines.

What Is The Recommended Dosage?

There are many companies like Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J making coronavirus vaccines. Different companies have offered different dosing and pharmaceutical aspects of corona vaccines. Below we have discussed Moderna vaccine vs Pfizer.

Both the Moderna vaccine and Pfizer vaccine for coronavirus treatment consist of two doses. The first dose is the primary dose which is followed by the boosting amount. Both quantities will be administered at the gap of 28 days in the Moderns vaccine and 21 days for the Pfizer vaccine.

However, the amount of dose for the Moderna vaccine is way higher than the Pfizer vaccine. Moderna vaccine has a much higher concentration of quantity which is 100 micrograms. On the contrary, Pfizer has limited the dose of the vaccine to 30 micrograms. Most importantly, Pfizer’s low-dose vaccine is working way better than the Moderna vaccine’s high doses.

Moreover, the vaccine program government, which is called Operation Warp speed, has suggested Moderna lower the vaccine dose. But without disturbing the efficacy of the vaccine.

Side Effects and Safety

Moderna corona vaccine may give you fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, headache, pain at muscles, and joint pains. However, the pain, swelling, and redness at the site of injection are evident. But these side effects subside after some time.

Side effects people witness within seven days after getting the vaccine will be mild to moderate. Not to worries about it because side effects will subside in a short period. Very few people show serious side effects where they were unable to do daily work.

Having a side effects profile does not nullify the efficacy of a drug or vaccine. The Corona vaccine triggers the immune system resulting in a react genic response. Both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine has side effects profile.

Having side effects means your immune system is triggered and getting ready for betterment. People of younger age show more vigorous reactions as compare to older ones. The reason is younger people have an efficient immune system as compared to elders. More youthful people show more response to a vaccine. Usually, people after getting a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna corona vaccine shows side effects.

Pregnant and Lactating Females

It is not sure that vaccines will harm the developing fetus or not. FDA demands research on pregnant women before recommending them. Pfizer is right now running trials in this space of vaccines. Also, Pfizer is testing for the potency and safety window for the pregnant population.

Moderna is also in the research phase. And they are looking for the side effects profile of drugs on pregnant ladies. Modern is trying to scale the effect of the vaccine on developing fetuses.

Stability of Vaccine

It is observed that the corona vaccine has to be stored at freezing temperature to keep the vaccines safe. Pfizer’s vaccine requires a temperature of -94 degrees Fahrenheit. It makes this drug very difficult to handle. Pfizer’s vaccine after getting thawed should be used within five days.

Moderna’s vaccine requires -4 degrees Fahrenheit temperature for safety. They can be shipped quickly. Further, they also can stay up to 30 days for 12 hours at room temperature.

One Time Purchase

Pfizer is offering 1,170 doses minimum purchase order one time. It can go well for the areas where 1000 people are getting vaccinated. But for larger sectors like hospitals and communities, we will need much more than 1,170 at one time. Pfizer’s vaccine requires a cold chain requirement, making it even harder to manage than order. Additionally, Pfizer’s vaccine was packed in 6 dose vials.

Moderna is offering 140 doses at a one-time purchase. They offer 14 dose vials for shipment at one time, and they do not require any cold chain requirement. They can stay freezing temperature of the regular freezer.

Final Thoughts

Moderna Covid vaccine is undoubtedly a building step of medicinal growth. The world will soon witness the treatment methods shifting from prevention to treatment from mRNA vaccines. Moderna mRNA technology is already providing Corona treatment. Lastly, treatment for other chronic diseases like cancer is also possible through mRNA technology.

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