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Post Covid Syndromes Post Covid Syndromes
News1 day ago

Post Covid Syndrome | Symptoms and Protection Guideline

Covid 19 is still going like crazy and becoming even more of a threat. There are many different types of...

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Information Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Information
News3 months ago

Moderna Covid Vaccine: What You Need to Know

Are we waiting for the corona vaccine to come and rescue us all? Yes! We are. Pandemic has shaken up...

Climate-and-Weather Climate-and-Weather
News4 months ago

Weather and Climate: What is the Difference Between Them

There are many occurrences that the researchers attribute to climate change; among the lead issues that are now rampant include...

Pfizer Vaccines Pfizer Vaccines
News5 months ago

Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccines: Things You Should Know [Updated Review 2021]

The vaccine of coronavirus treatment has been given as rollout begins across the UK/US. With the first dose of Pfizer...

covid 19 vaccines covid 19 vaccines
News6 months ago

Covid 19 Vaccines: Top 3 Vaccines that Might Save Us from Covid-19

The number of coronavirus cases currently stands close to 77 million. The rapid rise in infections has caused deaths and...

Diego Maradona Diego Maradona
News6 months ago

Diego Armando Maradona: Story of a Football Legend

Diego Armando Maradona is a legend in the world of soccer or football, whatever you call it. His exploits in...

thanksgiving day history thanksgiving day history
News6 months ago

Thanksgiving Day History and How Did it Start?

More than a century after President Lincoln declared every 4th Thursday of November to be a thanksgiving holiday, Americans have continued...

Social Distancing in Prisons Social Distancing in Prisons
News8 months ago

Social Distancing in Prisons: How It Managed in Pandemic Time

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect and institution of human life. Workplaces have shifted from office spaces to home...

Pandemic Era of UK Pandemic Era of UK
News8 months ago

Pandemic Era of UK: How Boris Johnson Taking Decision to Lead UK

The UK government and population expected Brexit to mark their 2020. After months of delay, they finally completed the move...

Second Wave of COVID Second Wave of COVID
News9 months ago

The Second Wave of Covid: A Threat Reborn

Presently, the world is dealing with a deadly virus named SARS CoV-2. During the past 6 months, thousands of people...